Four Roofing Problems to Get Sorted this Summer

The summer is the ideal time to check in on your roof. Over the winter, all sorts of things can cause problems for your roof, and whilst the weather is good, you should get a local professional in your area – search online for roofing companies Bristol like this for example – to check your roof for signs of damage.

Here are a few things that could cause problems for your roof…

Moss – Moss can often be found growing on a roof but if it gets too out of control it needs to be removed, as it traps moisture and can then let it into the cracks in the roof.

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Holes and Leaks – You might notice leaks in the roof from inside your home. A leaky roof is a sign that there is damage somewhere, and this can cause issues in your home such as dampness and also the risk of the water getting into electrical systems and causing dangerous problems.

Missing Tiles – This is often caused over periods of bad weather and strong winds in the winter months. Missing tiles are something that need to be repaired as soon as possible, as whilst they are missing, they are leaving the roof vulnerable to more damage, particularly the risk of leaks.

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The Sun – The sun can also cause problems for a roof, particularly an older one. The tiles on the roof can get dry and cracked over the summer and this can then cause them to fall off, leaving your roof unprotected and open to further damage.

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