Common mistakes people make when selling their home

Selling a home can feel like an insurmountable task when considering the complexities, legalities and costs involved. Ensure that your sale is stress free, by ensuring that you do not fall foul of some common seller mistakes.

A home being prepared for sale should look its best in readiness for viewings. Spruce up any areas that are looking tired or cluttered. By organising your home, prospective buyers will see it at its best.

Ensure that you are happy with the agents’ photos. They should showcase the property to its full potential. Do not be afraid of asking an agent to change photos that you are not happy with.

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Emphasise key features that buyers search for, such as garden, garage, freehold and parking.

Be honest about flaws or structural defects, rather than hiding them. Be sure to inform your solicitor or conveyancer, so that they can deal with the issue accordingly.

Don’t automatically favour the highest bidder. Factor in things such as the likelihood of completing the purchase, whether there is a chain involved, and how the buyer will be funding the purchase.

When dealing with property sales and the exchange of money, ensure that communications don’t leave you vulnerable to fraud or criminal activity.


Instructing a conveyancer or legal specialist in advance of selling your home will ensure that the transaction completes as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Solicitors and conveyancers are fully insured and qualified to handle every aspect of a property sale.

A Form ll restriction, which is also known as a counter-fraud restriction, limits the owner’s ability to deal with the sale of the property without taking further action. It is a restriction that ensures that you have the legal right to sell your home and is required before any sale can proceed.

A licensed conveyancer or solicitor can assist with every element of the house sale process, including dealing with Form ll restrictions.

A conveyancer will verify your identity and sign a certificate to confirm that you have signed the transfer. Some specialists offer verification in as little as 48 hours, ensuring that your sale is not delayed by administrative details.

For further details of conveyancing services or Form ll verification, registration, or removal, visit

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With the right team of specialists, your house-selling experience will be a straightforward and hassle-free experience.

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