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Best tumble dryers on the UK market

You might be concerned with tumble dryers at the moment.  With the cost of living crisis and energy costs rising, using a tumble dryer might be seen as one of the most expensive options.  However, given the nature of the … read more

What’s in the perfect kitchen?

The contents of the perfect kitchen it’s surely one of relative thought.  what you might find perfect another person will not. For example if you’re a bit of a baker then you’ll need to have a good size oven,  possibly … read more

Top Tips For Tile Maintenance

The beauty of tile is in its unlimited design and aesthetic possibilities, but specific types of tiles require individualised care and sometimes even special cleaners. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are relatively low-maintenance, but natural stone tiles like slate, marble, or … read more

How to stop your drains from smelling bad

We’ve all experienced the sinking feeling that comes from a foul-smelling drain! Perhaps you’ve lifted your drain lining in Gloucester and noticed that the bad smell intensifies, and the water is draining away more slowly than usual. Here’s what you … read more

What shading can do for your offices

With the ever growing movement of a focus on green solutions for modern energy problems,  offices face some of the biggest challenges that architects have.  Until recently it was very common for the workforce to gather in one place.  At … read more