Yogurt, milk beneficial for your health

The yogurt has become one of our best allies for health, even for people who are lactose intolerant because it is one of the milk containing a lower content of lactase in their composition.

Arose before the advent of agriculture when human communities were still nomads, the yogurt has a number of very useful proteins for our daily functions and greater digestibility than milk.

Yogurt, milk beneficial for your healthBenefits of yogurt for health

The yogurt is milk, either whole or skimmed; it has been fermented by the action of specific lactic bacteria which generate a partial transformation of lactose to lactic acid, accompanied by an increase of consistency by protein coagulation. Depending on the additives and the type of milk components to which reference is made, the yogurt has a certain nutritional composition. For example, remember that some yogurts contain sugar, cereals, or fruits that can increase their caloric value.

Beyond such proteins essential for our organism containing this milk, the yogurt also stands as a source of vitamins B and A, plus minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. Possibly one of the most important values against other dairy yogurt is the pro-biotic value due to bacteria containing whose benefits have been widely demonstrated by numerous studies. Among other things, prevents and treats diarrhea in children, increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut that help remove toxic substances or even be useful to enhance the natural production of certain types of immune system cells.

In the case of lactose intolerant people, it has to bear in mind that yogurt is one of the milk with less of this disaccharide (only about 4 grams) consisting of one molecule of glucose and one of galactose. For this reason it may be better tolerated than milk or even some cheeses. Similarly, it is presented as a food of easy digestion, which can be useful for this sector of the population. The yogurt ferments arrive alive to the intestine, which help digest lactose.

It must be remembered that not all milk is equally difficult to digest, since it depends on the percentage of lactose containing the degree of deficiency of the enzyme lactase and type of food containing lactose.

The yogurts are ideal for dessert accompanied by a whole fruit or whipped, not to mention all his versatility in the kitchen as it can be used to make sauces accompanying certain vegetables, salads or meats.

You usually include yogurt in your daily diet?

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