What to know before going to a franchise hair removal?

Would you like to end the presence of unsightly hair on your body? In the franchise hair removal you will find the most suitable treatments to get it. Here are some tips before going to these centers…

Functions of hair removal

The hair removal is presented as the treatment that will help us eliminate the accumulation of hair in various areas of our body in order to achieve that figure we ever dreamed. The IPL team projects a mixed light made up of many different types of photons that are transmitted at different wavelengths in a range that extends from 590 nm to 1,200 nm.

What to know before going to a franchise hair removalThis light is absorbed by the hair follicles, thus finishing the hair reproducibility. This method will help us, therefore, to selectively remove the follicle, always respecting the surrounding skin both for men and women.

Treatment usually consists of an average of five sessions spaced from 1 to about depending on the body to treat areas 3 months. To avoid minor annoyances, it is usually applied local cold or gel on the treatment area. Before we prepare to perform the treatment, it is essential not to expose ourselves to sunlight, since the skin must not be tanned. It is also recommended not shave prior to treatment delivery times, since the hairs have to have a length of 1 to 2 mm.

Against another class of treatments, laser hair removal is less painful, more lasting results, faster and effective in large areas such as legs or back. At the same time, there is no risk of infection as no needles are applied and long term is much cheaper than other techniques. At the same time, the hair removal is much more versatile, because you can apply to all types of skin and hair.

In times of breastfeeding, for pregnant women, diabetics, people who take photo sensitizing drugs or alterations of scarring are the cases that are contraindicated such treatments.

Tips before going to a franchise hair removal

When you go to one of the many franchises hair removal spread across the country, you have to take into account a number of fundamental factors. First, you have to remember that these centers must meet minimum technical requirements, hygienic and safety of all equipment and facility level, not to mention the training and experience of staff.

Also, you should know that the results of this type of treatment depend on the absorption by the melanin, as well as more or less light penetration into the skin. In this sense, you have to remember that a laser that penetrates more, get a better result in color and black hairs, but are less effective or almost no clear brown hair.

The IPL is absorbed smoothly by melanin, for that very reason, this system can be achieved black, brown, light and dark hairs. The low cost franchises or any other specialized hair removal must have minimum requirements. For example, technical equipment certification issued by the relevant body and has concerning the type of laser emitting devices themselves technical information.

On the other hand, it is essential that staff have a training more than enough on the skin and hair, laser types, possible associated risks, side effects of the practice and everything necessary for the treatment to be carried out is do safely.

The cabin where is performed this treatment should be closed and removed from the zone of passage of people, it is well lit, have clear clothes and not have doors or transparent walls. All this not to mention that the facilities must be kept in perfect condition, disinfection and cleaning.

It is also recommended that there is in each center responsible for the laser, charge at all times to monitor the correct operation of the equipment. At the same time, all these centers must have an Insurance Professional Liability for the implementation of treatments hair removal, covering any damage or injury caused as a result of the use of equipment.

To determine that the center is trustworthy, it is essential to request information from us about treatment. It has also asking at all times to the dermatologist and sees all your questions before undergoing this type of treatment. Confirm that the professional who will apply such treatment and hair removal teams have the proper training.

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