What is the Dukan Diet?

Many people wonder what the Dukan diet since before making it want to be sure to know their possible side effects.

Who invented the Dukan diet?

Dr. Pierre Dukan, the French nutritionist, devised the Dukan Diet to help those who want to lose weight but have not achieved with conventional diets and treatments.

His book “I do not know weight loss” is based on a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates and fats as the key to weight loss.

Dukan Diet

Dukan diet and its 4 phases

  • Attack Phase: This first phase lasts two to four days and it can only be eating protein. Usually achieved lose several kilos. The allowed foods are meat, fish, shellfish, tofu, eggs, ham and low-fat dairy.
  • Cruise phase or introduction of vegetables: This phase lasts until the person reaches its ideal weight. Continuous protein diet but still and vegetables and greens are added. In this phase, we will alternate one day based on pure proteins with other proteins which will add vegetables. We cannot take potatoes, cereals, legumes, and fruits.
  • Consolidation phase: These phases of the Dukan Diet will last 10 days for each kilo that we lost. Its purpose is to prevent possible rebound effect. Two days a week we can eat at will (not spend). The other days will continue to have forbidden: bread, potatoes, fruit, cereals, cheese, rice and corn.
  • Stabilization phase: Whether we can return to a normal diet but that is balanced. A key aspect of this stage is that one day a week can make it a protein diet throughout the day. That should help us keep our weight in check.

A very important detail of the Dukan Diet is to take at least 1.5 liters of fluid a day (in the form of water, tea or tea without sugar)

Every day we make oat bran, with crepe or yogurt, to prevent constipation.

Much emphasis is also made in physical exercise and intends to walk at least thirty minutes a day.

Drawbacks and precautions with the Dukan diet

  • Losing weight quickly can encourage our skin to remain very loose and many stretch marks appear.
  • When the diet is very limited we may suffer a serious lack of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc.)
  • Many proteins can produce a very pronounced fatigue.
  • The lack of vegetables and fruits often cause severe constipation, despite taking oat bran.
  • The liver and kidneys, with excess protein, is overloaded with toxins.
  • If following the Dukan diet, we do not follow a balanced diet and not continue with physical exercise have a good chance of recovering all the lost weight.
  • Advantages that can be Dukan diet
  • You lose weight quickly.
  • Apart from oat bran is not necessary to buy any weight loss product. The Dukan Diet is therefore very expensive to follow.
  • We lose muscle mass.
  • Just no feeling of hunger since the proteins is very satisfying.
  • It is very easy to follow the Dukan diet even away from home.
  • From the third stage, we can eat whatever we want two days a week.
  • In the last phase of raising awareness as they’ll need to eat to avoid the rebound effect.

Our advice

If we follow a protein diet like the Dukan Diet, we should take a hepatic and renal infusion, twice daily, to avoid overloading the kidneys and liver.

If necessary, we will make a mild laxative infusion before going to sleep.

Of course, if you want to lose weight it is best to go to a professional to not jeopardize our health and that each case should be treated individually.

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