Tricks to be ready in 5 minutes

Would you like to be ready in just 5 minutes? We give you some tricks in our blog Beauty. Sometimes we stick sheets and do not have time or look in the mirror and other causes laziness not have any desire to do so. But anyway, we have to face it. The good news is that we can do it in just five minutes, how? By following these steps.

Tricks to be ready in 5 minutesHow to be ready in 5 minutes

If you want to know how to be ready in 5 minutes when makeup:

‘First things first: even skin tone. A little basis will we get it and disappear annoying spots. Next we will apply concealer under the eyes, the corners of his mouth and you see those imperfections.

-Delineates the eyelids drawing a line with the pencil on the upper lashes. If we are that we cannot live without eye shadow, use a thick pencil and dissemination. You get simple smokey eyes in seconds. If you think your eyes look very tired test to apply a white pencil to mark the lower lid from the tear halfway eye.

Slurp is becoming less! It is time to lift the eyelashes. To applicator correctly you should do from the base of the lashes and go up in zigzag.

-The Rouge can be optional, there are women who do not like wearing rouge but if you were not one of them put a little on your cheekbones and blend towards the temples.

And reaches the end point of makeup, lipstick. The best trick for anyone to notice pout if we can use a striking tone, this way we will achieve that attention is focused on our mouth.

Makeup ready! Still you cannot believe it’s possible?

As for the clothes, the best we can do to notching morning is to prepare clothes before going to bed. So we will not have to deal with looks so early.

Hair we can get some casual collected, a ponytail or braid a nice tang. And you see, in less than a jiffy we are ready for a new day.

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