Tips to decrease leg pain before running

How many times will have begun to run with pain in the lower body? Many, right? If you have muscle aches because of a previous intense training or for making other previous activity, we can make some modifications to reduce leg pain before running. That if, if while we perform our warming, we see that the pain increases, do not doubt and rest that day.

Tips to decrease leg pain before runningMake small massage your legs before you start: We need to have the muscles at a suitable temperature at the time we start the race. We will make a series of shallow and rapid temperature increasing friction and causing more blood to our legs.

Make a longer warming: We need to increase the heart rate, blood stream our viscera close the tap and start pumping blood to our legs. To do this, start walking with a slight run for two or three minutes, we will continue with a slow jog for ten minutes and finish with a faster trot. Throughout the heating, we must breathe deeply.

Use dynamic stretches: Once the muscles are warm and hurt less, we can perform this type of stretching to finish preparing the muscles of face training. Even after these, we can make one or two sets of 20 squats without weight.

Search softer surfaces and help absorb impact muscle: Our legs will appreciate that perform the warming on land, grass, treadmill or elliptical.

Increase your cadence: Make your career with more steps per minute (BPM). If you run at 160BPM 140BPM or try to go to 180BPM or 190BPM. You will feel like your muscles do not suffer so much and the pain disappears.

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