Psoriasis and Frost: Not a Great Combination

Cold bright weather, Christmas presents and parties – all the joys of the season are coming your way. It’s not always such a winter wonderland, however, if you suffer from psoriasis. The winter months often see psoriasis symptoms getting worse, and sufferers can dread this time of year.


Cold weather, and especially cold winds, can dry your skin. This makes it vulnerable to damage or infection, and dry skin causes psoriasis to flare up. Long hot showers can also dry and damage the skin. When it’s really cold outside, it’s best to indulge in a moisturising bath and keep the showers short and lukewarm. Moisturising is vital, and a refreshing treatment such as the London Obagi Skin Treatment can give you a real boost when the weather (and your psoriasis) is getting you down.

It’s the Flu Season

Psoriasis is caused by problems with your immune system. In the winter, when everyone is feeling run down, people catch and pass on colds and flu. This is miserable for everyone, but for psoriasis sufferers there’s an added risk. Your body has to fight off infection, and this can trigger a psoriasis flare-up. Look after yourself: have the flu jab, drink plenty of water and keep yourself warm.

Inside or Out?

Central heating can also dry your skin out, so you could consider using a humidifier to help your skin stay healthy. Looking after your skin should be a priority – if your psoriasis is dormant, let’s keep it that way. Take advice from experts such as the London cosmetic skin clinic on the best way to pamper your skin through the winter.

Don’t Wrap Up Too Warmly

Like hot water and cold weather, scratchy clothing such as woolly jumpers can dry and damage the skin. When it’s really chilly, we’re tempted to pile on as many layers as we can, so wear soft fabrics next to your skin and avoid tight clothing. Wool especially can make your skin sweat and itch. Your skin needs to breathe and to renew itself. Treatments such as the London Obagi skin treatment can help remove dead skin cells and keep your skin healthy.

And Finally

Don’t get stressed. Stress can make psoriasis a lot worse than it needs to be. Be kind to your skin, your friends and your family, and enjoy the winter months.

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