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Stay active and energized is not something that is generated spontaneously. The external circumstances of each, where you live, people around you, etc. They influence their attitude, and so it is important to know that you can learn to choose it.

As a health blogger, I work with people who want to install healthy habits in their life. Many people are surprised when I ask them not begin reviewing their routines meals, your kitchen, or your lifestyle, but I am interested first know how they think about themselves and what attitude to take towards life, problems, etc.

HealthGood habits, which generate more health, are not confined to food, healthy leisure, exercise, etc., but are often based on knowing how to program our day in a positive attitude.

So today, I want to give some clues to help me when I want to change my attitude to carry out my healthy routine.

– Breathe: If things were not well the day before or you are not quite satisfied with your results, try stopping 5 minutes and connect with your breath. By breathing deeply and feel oxygenic your body, you will help focus your mind go … Are you frustrated, you think you cannot handle a situation? Since you find can you accept yourself, as you feel right now.

– Live in the present: It costs a lot to know to prioritize the issues that arise in the day and live without stress to fail. Furthermore, if you are someone whom you prevent everything bad that can happen or will you torment yourself so you could have done and did not do, all you get is to feed your anxiety.

Excessive concern blocks the possibility to live and advance present. The person, who is creative, can live experiences with their five senses. Allow yourself to be in “your world” whatever you do, without neglecting your commitments and dreams.

– The perfect is the enemy of the good: The obsession with perfection only leads to suffering and postpone many important issues in our lives. Things have their magic when they begin and end, no matter the details or improvements you could ever detect.

– Fix your: Start the day seeing it is a way to inject positive energy in and out of pessimism. When I started working, from home, I do not usually get ready in the morning and that made ​​me feel more listless and easygoing. It is important that the mind knows that you are in a specific attitude and clothing, perfume, etc help to get in attitude. Tip: new look or get things that you usually keep only experience if that helps your attitude.

– Do not compare if you want to have a positive attitude accept yourself as you are now. Trying to change or improve things that annoy you yourself is very good, but each person is unique and wants to be like other only bring frustration and negativity into your life.

If you think you have to be perfect or to be liked by everyone, you become obsessed and often be angry with yourself. You begin to notice your requirements and cover, your self-esteem and mental health will thank you.

Sure, you have other ideas to keep you going every morning and be more positive. If so, please share them with us!

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