Men outdo women with number of online searches for haircuts

The modern man seems to be more concerned about the state of his hair than most women, according to new figures published by Google. With man buns, bushy beards and moustache combs all the rage at the moment, it may be easy to see why.

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When collating its most recent report into beauty trends over the past two years, the search giant came up with one statistic that has hit the headlines: male hair styles now receive more queries than female hair styles. Could this be the turning point in the beauty and grooming market, or is it just a flash in the pan?

Hair hype

The report from Google does offer some insight into why more men are searching for hair styles than women, according to the Telegraph. While this has something to do with changing times, it is as much to do with the trends themselves.

The types of hair styles that men are looking to create and emulate today require more advanced techniques to achieve and more products to make them attainable in the first place. The man bun, for instance, which has been a big hit in the past year or two, requires that men grow out their hair while keeping it in good condition using products that they might not have needed when dealing with shorter cuts in the past, such as products available from Henry Tibbs.

Google’s report also points to the fact that video tutorials on how to develop the male hair styles of the moment are growing in popularity. Obviously men are turning to their search engine of choice to find the information they need to get the style they desire.

Traditional roots

Men are undoubtedly awakening to the idea that the image they present to the world is just as important as the things they say and the actions they take. The increase in searches for male hair styles and related products is an indication that this is an ongoing process.

It should also be noted that in the past men simply did not have the resources that are available to them today as a result of the internet. Being able to get immersed in the fashion world, follow Instagram stars and get ahead of the curve are just some of today’s possibilities.

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