How to prevent egg allergy

Resulting egg allergy is the same protein itself, which is in the clear. Today we tell you how to prevent it. It is very important to know the diagnosis and possible treatments that we apply ourselves because there are many products and medicines containing said protein and, therefore, if we cannot test allergy.

It is a fairly common condition that usually appears in childhood and often disappears when the individual grows.

How to prevent egg allergyWhen someone allergic to egg protein consumes your body creates antibodies with the intention to defend what it considers a threat. Thus an allergic reaction that can lead to different consequences and risks, more or less serious fires.

The symptoms are not always the same. There are people who appear rashes such as dermatitis or urticaria. There may also be respiratory, gastrointestinal and even neurological problems. The most dangerous reactions are when anaphylaxis occurs, i.e., that the same person suffers all the reactions mentioned above at once and his body collapses.

Guidelines for preventing egg allergy

You cannot prevent egg allergy as such but we can prevent outbreaks. To do this, we recommend you follow these guidelines:

It’s very important to read all labels of packaged foods, especially if we have not used before. In this way we can make sure whether it takes some component related to the egg.

‘Sometimes the allergy is so high that the simple fact of using a cooking utensil and then offer it to the affected can cause an outbreak.

Neither it is convenient to use the same oil in which egg is cooked to prepare a meal for allergic.

When we go to the doctor we must always remember the professional who treats us are allergic, as there are some vaccines that include egg component, such as influenza or MMR. The same goes for drugs and anesthetics.

If we go to a restaurant we ask the waiters about all the dishes that we can have doubts containing eggs. We must also make it clear that it is not a simple matter of preference, but it is an allergy and is an important issue.

It is also advised that if we are allergic carry with us a badge or wristband what type of allergy where we will detail.

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