How to combat tonsilloliths

Do you feel sore throat by eating food, intermittent cough, or bad breath? In that case, it is possible that the formation of tonsil stones (tonsilloliths) is responsible for this condition. Proper treatment can be useful to eliminate these symptoms.

The concentration tonsilloliths in the crypts of the palatine tonsils, generated calcium salts or in combination with other mineral salts, affects between 16% and 24% of patients, some figures are increasing in the field of practice clinic.

What are tonsils?

The tonsils are part of the lymphatic system and help fight infection, although some children may constitute a major source of problems. Although it may suffer from tonsillitis at any age, the truth is that is most frequent between 3 and 6 years old. Apart from the latter, as stated in previous lines, tonsils play an important defensive work is not to be overlooked.

How to combat tonsillolithsIn this regard, recent research realizes the benefits they can offer the tonsils in the fight against infections during the first three years of life. Formed in the fetus during pregnancy week 16, tonsils react without delay against a pathogen. First, they create a lot of cells that receive the pathogenic germs and antigens. Such cells also are responsible for decoding each and every one of the characteristics of said specific antibodies. That information will be transmitted to other organs of the lymphatic system.

However, as with other organs of the respiratory tract, the tonsils can also be a frequent target of viruses and bacteria. Precisely when food particles and other debris accumulate in the channels or “crypts” of the tonsils, eventually they harden into a calcified mass that will lead to the aforementioned tonsilloliths.

Symptoms and treatment of tonsilolitis

One of the first symptoms of tonsilolitis (inflammation of the tonsils as a result of infection) is the sore throat, which may be accompanied by fever, chills and swelling of the lymph nodes of the jaw and neck. They are also common fatigue and loss of appetite and difficulty swallowing (swallowing food). Sometimes there is also present middle ear infection, for having obstructed one of the Eustachian tubes, the pair of tubes connecting the throat to the middle ear mentioned.

Medical professionals are the ones who must determine whether the tonsilolitis to a virus or a bacterium is due. In this sense, from our health blog we want to remember how relevant it is to go for convenient hygiene tonsils, a pending issue for a large percentage of the population.

In this case, we suggest you make use of a set of instruments that will facilitate the work of cleaning and ultimately help us take care of our oral health. We refer to extraction kit tonsilloliths or tonsil three tools LabHub, which we present in this article. Pick Tonsil formed by a copper tongue scraper and 12 ml syringe curved tip, this toolkit will be useful to eliminate tonsillar stones, tonsil stones and bad breath annoying.

Among other things, the syringe allow cleaning all types of accumulated debris in the tonsils . For its part, the tongue scraper will eliminate all Whitish and smelly layer of the tongue. Finally, stick with LED lighting will help you navigate the amygdala in detail so we can remove large tonsillar stones trapped inside.

When you remove these stones and cleanse usually the tongue, sore throats and tonsillitis appearance will be diminished considerably. you must not forget to leave that blank material in the mouth will be the perfect environment for bacteria to feed on. At the end it will prevent bacteria stop multiplying.

The ignorance of the presence of tonsillar stones among the population causes sore throats and bad breath is more common than usual.

You guys had heard of the tonsilolitis? Have you tried the extraction kit tonsilloliths? How was your experience?

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