Choosing the correct heels

They are a beauty, no doubt. They are of the style are: stilettos, platforms or sandals, there is a high-heeled shoe for every woman. Of this I am quite sure.

If you care about your self-image and your professional image, you should have more than one pair of shoes for heels in your closet (if only to admire!). And despite your wounds, and pain, shoes of heel make it much more attractive, tall and slender you.

Do not believe me? Did you know that it has been proven scientifically by a team of researchers at the University of Portsmouth?

Sure and as a professional Image Consulting, it is my obligation to inform you about all supplements that will highlight your beauty. But it is also my duty properly orient yourself so you can select the model that fits to your silhouette, and not have to endure unnecessary suffering or sacrificing your health and wellbeing.

What are the most common mistakes we make women when selecting our heels?

The shoe does not fit you properly

When the difference between the shoe and the heel is too wide, the foot will move inside the shoe while walking. And that is a guarantee of pain and discomfort. In this case, probably you chose a style that was too wide for the foot, perhaps regardless of your number of shoes varies with age. Yes, foot size changes over the years due to hormonal changes and natural changes in soft tissue that occur with aging. You cannot imagine how many times I’ve seen this problem and I have seen my clients suffer throughout my career as Image Consultant. So what is the solution? Put yourself in the hands of good professional footwear, measuring the dimensions of your foot properly.

The shoe is too high

Sometimes we take our personal image a little further than we should. The shoe of heel very high is a beauty, and creates the illusion of a highly stylized silhouette. However, excessive use of this accessory causes pain in the bottom of the foot. The high heel means more stress on the ball of the foot, ankle and knee problems that increase with the height of the shoe. Remember that not all are Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and The City, and is not always practical to go to the park to walk your dog with shoes on heels so high!

The shoe is not sufficiently covered

I know, the sandals of heels in love, usually an instant crush, but when the only components that hold the shoe to the foot are a tiny ankle strap and feet, it’s like you’re walking on a tightrope. Obviously, you need support and there is extra instability. However, if you love sandals with heels, and play an important role in your image , your best bet is to choose styles that conform to the shape of your foot, providing the right amount of fabric to keep the foot in the shoe.

The shoe is too narrow at the bottom

You do not know how many clients have gone through my Image Consulting to which they looked pain in the face! I look at my feet, and I know what the problem is: the shoes tip heel tight, stuffing his fingers in an almost inhuman way that so few of the front space. Normally, in addition to the lack of space, the fingers are not adequately covered in this type of shoe, so they are forced to work harder to maintain stability. I suggest, do not make that mistake. Choose a shoe with more fabric in the toes and a slightly wider toe.

The heel is too thin

Try to avoid the heels too thin. A chunky heel will give you better balance and stability and can help relieve some pressure to distribute your body weight on the foot more evenly. Try heels more broad and more support, such as heels wedge, which are much less stringent for the muscles of the legs. The more fine than the heel is the more impact on the foot. And yes, if you causes wear a heel quite fine a night out, go! Why not? Just make sure you pamper your feet the next day! And remember, if your professional image requires you to wear high heels or thin throughout the day, try to take rest periods, and enjoy walking with a good ballance par.

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