Causes of Ear Pain


The ear constantly produces and removes wax. If the process fails, the gunk can build up and become hardened. This will block your ear canal. This is what your doctor calls impacted wax. It can cause pain. For Ear wax removal Birmingham, visit

You shouldn’t use cotton swabs, or any other object to remove wax. It will only push the wax further into your ear and increase its likelihood of getting impacted. Your ear might hurt, itch, discharge gunk, or get infected. It’s possible that you could lose your hearing temporarily.

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Air Pressure

Your eardrum does an excellent job at maintaining pressure on both sides. The little pop that you feel when swallowing is part of this process. Quick changes in the environment, such as when you are in a lift or an airplane, can cause your balance to be thrown off. You might have a sore ear or difficulty hearing. Pain can also be caused by a chronic eustachian tube dysfunction.

Swimmer’s Ear

You may have an outer ear infection. It occurs when bacteria start to grow in the water that is trapped inside your ear canal. You may notice that your ear becomes red, swollen or itchy, and even leaks pus. It’s not contagious. Keep your ears dry after and during swimming to avoid this. To clear up the infection, your doctor may prescribe antibiotic drops.

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Middle Ear Infection

The tubes of your middle ear can be blocked by a cold or a allergy. Your doctor will refer to it as otitis media when fluid accumulates and becomes infected. This is the most common reason for ear pain. If your doctor believes the cause of your ear pain is bacteria, they will prescribe antibiotics.

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