8 tips to care hair XL

Healthy hair and well kept can dramatically improve our appearance; it helps us to look more sexy and feminine. Whatever our style, it is important to keep the soft, strong and shiny hair, something that requires a little more effort if it is long. Therefore, here are 8 tips to care for a XL hair beautiful and full of life.

8 tips to care hair XLCaring for the XL hairs

  1. Cut the tips often: The split ends is one of the most common problems in long hair. To avoid this we have to cut the tips once a month or every two months, depending on whether we want to maintain the same length or not (keep in mind that hair grows about one centimeter per month). It will also help to use a special serum for this area.
  2. Use the right shampoo: It is necessary that it is of good quality, free of alcohol and chemicals if possible. It must also adapt to the characteristics of our hair (if dry, oily, dyeing, etc.).
  3. Nutrition: Long hair needs to be hydrated and nourished frequently. For this we apply a special mask once or twice a week, leaving acting roots to ends for at least fifteen minutes. This way we avoid it becomes weak and brittle. A good option is to develop the mask ourselves with natural ingredients like almond oil or honey.
  4. Wash carefully: Shampoo should be applied with a gentle massage in circular movements, using the fingertips and having untangled mane above. We must massage from roots to ends.
  5. Allow to air dry is our best choice to care manes XL because abuse can damage the dryer; also, it is preferable to use the cold air. It is also advisable to limit the use of irons and curling irons.
  6. Apply heat shields: If we are going to use some of these tools, we must first apply a thermal protector to prevent breakage and burns.
  7. Avoid rubbing with the towel to remove moisture. The ideal is to press gently with the towel, wrapping her hair after her. However, it is not advisable to keep her hair up like this for too long. In addition, we never collect wet hair in a ponytail or braid, for so it breaks easily. It is best to let it loose until dry.
  8. A proper brushing: We have to use a wide – toothed comb than plastic, separating each tuft and separately. When hair is dry, it is best to use a natural bristle brush.
  9. A healthy life: A visibly unbalanced diet affects the condition of the skin and hair. For example, frequent consumption of alcohol and snuff weaken the root of it, leading to his downfall. Rest is also important and good hydration and a healthy mood.

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