How affect Google’s new changes to our content marketing strategy

Google introduced us to its pet, this time a little bird, specifically a hummingbird, a bird characterized by its speed and accuracy. With his arrival they jumped all alerts, all fearing the worst against which did not imply a modification of the algorithm, but whole new one, something not seen since 2010, with the arrival of Caffeine.

This new algorithm is a step towards the semantic web, related to the way of understanding users, to provide search results tailored to their interests more ultimately more accurate. It is anticipated that this little animal affects 90% of Google searches, though fortunately for many, this means remarkable or variations in the organic positioning.

How affect Google's new changes to our content marketing strategyHow affect “Hummingbird” content marketing

This change brings naturalness to user requests. Thanks to “Hummingbird”, Google will be able to answer questions like where to eat well? suggesting restaurants in the closest surfer environment. This user experience, especially in the case of mobile, who should be able to receive information tailored to their immediate environment will be improved. Hummingbird Thanks to the searches will enhance voice also recently implemented via desktop.

Hence the need to develop a content strategy designed to answer specific questions from users. The company should ask what questions customers may have, or what are the specific needs related to your product.

The content should be backed by an author

Google is particularly concerned to provide relevant content and quality, backed by an author of confidence. Hence the development of its Authorship, a simple and effective way to inform Google of who the real author of a content, with your full name. All it backed by a social activity, registered through Google. Thus, the contents signed by a famous author is more likely to appear above the rest of anonymous pieces.

Social mentions continue gaining importance

On several occasions we have talked about the importance of social networks as SEO factor. Everything indicates that Hummingbird will further consider the recommendations of users when validate the quality of content. This forces online marketing professionals work called SMO or Social Media Optimization.

Google search to learn search 

The new Google algorithm seems to be much more intelligent. Promises to learn from applications submitted by users, and to fine tune the search results depending on the specific needs at all times.

The link building can be counterproductive

The strategy to get links at all costs no longer cause the desired effect, as recorded by Esteve Rayson article in Social Media Today. The fact that a link does not have the desired impact by users, in the form of social interactions and mentions implies that content really does not add value and therefore penalize reach.

So the new network of Google, an environment where the user experience is the center, and around their specific needs tailored search results are generated is presented. The big G has finally managed to spread the use of their social network as a means to identify content creators and value the user response before it. The new global stage is written with g, of Google.

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