Google warns, 6 out of 10 users will abandon you if your page is not adapted for mobility

Google has just reminded us in its Mobile Ads Blog a very interesting fact to be taken into account by all companies seeking to enter the mobile electronic commerce: two-thirds of consumers say they are more willing to buy if a page is adapted to their terminals mobile, and slightly less than 2/3 (61%) say they would leave a page if they can not immediately find what they are looking for.

This data comes from a Google study conducted last July conducted on 1000 US Internet users on their smartphones. 96% of consumers said they had found pages that were not designed or prepared for mobile handsets. Fifty percent of respondents commented that if a company or product liked it, access to the page would be noticeably less if it was not adapted for mobility. It is not surprising, therefore, that those who had visited a prepared page, 74% said they were more willing to return on another occasion.

Last February, DudaMobile facilitated the fact that close to 20% of visits to pages of SMEs had ended in contact with the business, with much higher percentages in the case of certain types of companies, such as pizzerias (32% ) or auto services (27.8%). Companies should learn that they have a lot to gain if their phone number is clearly visible on a page suitable for mobile handsets.

Google concludes in its study that pages not adapted to mobility are damaging the reputation of their companies: 36% of the respondents said they felt they had lost time visiting those pages, and 52% of users commented that one bad experience made them less willing to work with a particular company. Approximately half of the responses said that a page that does not work properly on a smartphone means that the company does not care about their business.

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