Twitter COO Ali Rowghani Tweets About His Resignation

Twitter is the one of the most recent technology used by the all people throughout the company. The twitter is the one of the social networking sites like Facebook and it is useful for the users to share their views on the network. The twitter has the micro blogging service that uses to convey the messages between the users. And this is also used to type limited data in the text box and send and share that data in between the users.

Twitter COO Ali Rowghani Tweets About His ResignationThis twitter was developed in the year 2006 on March 21. The head quarter was located in California in United States. This twitter was created by the experts Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and a few of the others. In this twitter 500 million users were registered in the year 2012. The twitter is going the top most social networking site on the internet when compared to all the sites.

The person Ali Rowghani, who is the COO of the Twitter, has been given the resignation letter to his working Company. Totally he renounces his service at his worked organization. The Ali Rowghani has resigned working from his employment in the organization. Vulgarly he declares his resignation on twitter in his words. He tweeted his message in the twitter which includes” Good Bye twitter. It has been a great experience for me and I had a wonderful experience with the twitter. I will remember the memories in the twitter and I will never forget about my service in the twitter.

The person Dick Costolo, who is the CEO of the twitter, said “importantly the Rowghani is a strategic advisor and he has the excellent work experience in the twitter Company”.

The Rowghani resignation keeps moving the latest reputation by the Re/Code. His resignation letter has been received from the report of Re/code. The Re/Code is a cost to display the light on the twitter. The twitter had been decided to transfer some obligations from the Rowghani. He is the key expert to the social networking giant. He is the one of the key people on the social networking sites. The online publication stated in term of words, these sentences are the main aim to transfer the words that the product team is headed by the person Daniel Graf, who is the vice president of twitter. He was not reputed to the Rowghani at that time and this report was directly going to the costolo.

The report also had been advised that twitter was maybe not happy with the Rowghani service in the terms of user growth. This is not going well into the market. He is the responsible person for the to take up the more users in the network and to grow the customer related business.

As per the report, the Rowghani had the issues in the latest stock sales by him. At that time the company price of share has fallen down to some position, when compared to prior position. The sales, which are released by the Rowghani were not going well in the market and share position was dropped.

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