Top 5 Recommended Android Apps

Drop Box

Dropbox is powered by Microsoft, the purpose of Dropbox is to upload your images, videos and other your personal documents automatically from your android devices, this application need WI-Fi of 3G internet for better performance.

It is designed with light weight, it won’t take a long time to load and view your images and videos. The good thing is you can view your images and videos in your Dropbox without Wi-Fi and any internet connection.

Recommended Android AppsTrue Caller

You will thank the True caller developers after using this application. The purpose of this application is to know who is calling you before you answer the call. To run this application you must have Wi-Fi and 3G network.

How it works?

True caller is having a largest telephone directory of the whole world with the mobile numbers owner name. So when you use this application and having a call from an unknown number, the name will be displayed with the unknown number, you can answer or block calls in your block list. You have a search option in this application you can search any number to know the owner.

Cleaning Masters

Android device is full of applications running in the background continuously, it is stored with many unwanted files in your device; cleaning master application is the best antivirus, it’s clean and delete permanently unwanted files like temp files, junk files, and unused applications on your device. It comes with a suspended icon on your desktop for one click clean and boost your RAM performance.

It will also have sports and news updates if you have internet in your device. It helps to boost your gaming performance up to 25%. A regular update of this application will increase your cleaning master performance much better.


Searching for good app lock Then I recommend you to use AppLock. This application is soft designed which perform faster. You can use some fake lock trick to confuse anyone’s parents friends to not get access to your personal applications. If you are bored with the current theme of AppLock you can change skins. For more features you can use go for premium member.

GO Launcher EX

Last but not least Go launcher is themer application for your android device. It has more than 10,000 personalized themes to customize your android device as you like it. You can customize your icons, keyboard typing style, menus and so on.

200,000,000+ people voted that android Go launcher is better theme than other one

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