The People of Portishead Promote Solar Power

Located on the Severn Estuary in the County of Somerset, only eight miles from the City of Bristol and with a growing population of just over 26,000 local inhabitants, you will find the popular town of Portishead.   The tight-knit community of people that live in and around the town are actively promoting Solar Power because they understand the importance of using sustainable, renewable energy.  The precarious state of the Environment, Global Warming and Climate Change are all hot topics of debate and the passionate locals are determined to make a difference.  By working together with an experienced, professional, reputable Company such as who are specialist Solar Panel Installers Portishead, they are investing in the future of our precious planet Earth.

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Harnessing the immense power of the Sun and converting that Heat into Energy and Electricity takes a great deal of knowledge and experience.  Understanding the exact number of Solar Panels each household needs to heat their water, provide lighting and power their electricity is something these consummate professionals have been trained to do. Reducing Energy Consumption and Electricity Costs as well as helping to protect the fragile environment, every household in Portishead that has invested in Solar Power are determined to help Save Our Planet..

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With an extensive history as a Fishing Port, Portishead now boasts a beautiful Marina and with bespoke apartments, boutique retail outlets, cafes and restaurants thriving there, it is a very popular place to live, work and raise a family.

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