Technological innovations for multinational meetings

Now more than ever, email systems or videoconferencing becomes the main means of contact between different companies. The time saving is presented as one of the main advantages in this new communications system, you just have to look at the study of Cisco to determine that the aforementioned video conferencing systems and represented can save the company up to a day’s work a week.

In light of these data, we witness how traditional communications have been relegated to the background in the corporate sector due to the breakthrough of telecommunications in recent years. Undoubtedly, the globalization has changed the way we view the world and how we develop ourselves in the workplace.

Technological innovations for multinational meetingsHow are multinational meetings today?

Beyond videoconferencing services, business at the multinational level entities have opted for represented, may establish a permanent connection in real time with various parts of the world, maintaining the highest quality picture and sound. The working groups are increasingly common in multinational companies or between companies and specialized consultants, where they work as a team to the same project in different countries. In addition, all this, as if they were in the same room.

Companies whose meeting rooms have installed this technology, have also expanded this trend towards meetings highest level.

Thanks to all these functions, a senior executive in Madrid can contact his superior in London and the supervisor of both, which can be thousands of kilometers away, either in Tokyo or New York. The only drawback I can find in this area is related to the fact arrange a time determined to set that meeting, although in these cases end up opting for what dictates the highest level executive or responsibility.

In addition to business meetings, job interviews found in videoconferencing an ideal time to establish this contact in the distance, especially when you have to get a communication with foreign countries alternative. Without the need to request a shift to the seat, there is the possibility of a first screen and make a first contact, which can be definitive. At this time, there are more companies that hire Skype or some other similar application.

The way of working in multinational companies has also changed. Through improvements in picture and sound and technological innovations in represented, the fact of having contact with another company in a digital environment is becoming easier. We can listen to our partners with the same sharpness and clarity as if we meet them in our offices.

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