Half of the users consider that the fanpage of a brand is more useful than its web

87% of users follow a brand on Facebook, has consolidated as the first customer service channel in social networks. According to 82% of its members, it is the ideal place to interact with brands, even 50% of them consider that the Facebook page of the company is more useful than their own corporate website.

How is the relationship of users with brands on Facebook?

In this environment, customers feel closer to their brand, 75% recognize a certain connection with them thanks to Facebook, while 35% say that companies listen more in this social network.

For the interest I follow, Andrés. The main motivations that lead users to follow their brand on Facebook are, in more than half of cases, the promise of some economic benefit, such as a promotion or discount (34%) or a gift (21 %). Only 1 in 4 consumers follows the brand driven by loyalty or trust in it.

How do brands interact with their fans?

The brands are aware that the economic benefit as this strategy to attract fans works, and make use of it frequently, in fact, 77% of Facebook users acknowledge having saved money by interacting with brands on Facebook.Coupon printing is the main activity between brands and their fans, but users also comment on the fanpage of the company, and like to be informed about their news. In addition, they recommend the brand among their contacts, which generates new fans for the brand, 69% of users acknowledge having started to follow a company because a friend did.

Why do followers stop following a brand?

The main reason is the saturation in the publications.There are companies that constantly broadcast news about your company, which are not always of interest to users. In this way, they cause the fans to reject this information, and with it, the brand that signs them. Companies must watch over the frequency of their updates, as well as their content, which must combine corporate information with actions focused on the interests of their fans, with a component of leisure and entertainment that encourages them to participate.

A bad experience with the brand is also cause of rupture in social networks. If the customer has had a problem with the company, and the company has not been able to manage it properly, instead of promoting its loyalty has managed to create an enemy for the brand.

What can brands do to get more fans?

In order to expand their community, companies must first encourage their potential fans with promotions and discounts, thereby involving them in attracting new fans. The next step is to ration the number of publications, so that there is brand presence, but not an excess of it; always betting on attractive content and quality for users. Another condition mentioned by the users is the possibility of hiding the identity of the followers, in such a way as to ensure their privacy. This is mainly because there are certain sectors where users do not like to be known fans, such as products for adults, or personal care, such as dietetics or dietary supplements.

What is your strategy on Facebook? What do your brand fans value most?

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