Facebook: The future of Marketing and Electronic Commerce

Far from its original conception and objective, the trends within this social network seem to point to the development of a meeting point between companies and professionals, turning this social network into a new virtual business center.

The vast majority of companies that resort to electronic commerce resort more frequently to the use of platforms and services such as Facebook or Twitter for commercial purposes, promoting their products and services with the aim of attracting new potential customers.

Although in recent months, the time spent by users in this type of networks has decreased, in terms of audience continues to grow. The users resort to this type of networks for different purposes, however, it is noticeable the increase of activities and actions with “commercial purposes” developed by many of its participants.

This increase in popularity on Facebook has undoubtedly sparked the interest of brands and advertisers as a viable means for their e-commerce strategies and digital marketing campaigns, since through this type of networks companies can reach groups of users Segmented and defined with a single ad.

However, through Facebook companies have found other valid formulas to get new customers, generate strategic contacts or even attract the attention of users and potential customers and consumers without resorting to traditional advertising through the techniques of Social Media Marketing.

The recent integration of Facebbok’s new Marketplace application has served to kick-start a new social network concept where the purchase of services and products becomes a new business model that will bring new advantages and benefits to the new approach commercial of this social network.

All this without mentioning the rumors about the development of a new currency application, which would allow the transfer of funds from user to user and that could turn Facebook into a new leader in electronic commerce.

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