Why imagery is important on a website

All websites need to have good quality imagery that will be reflective of the products and services that you offer. A good Website Design Surrey company can help you to source stock imagery if it is needed. Here are some of the reasons that imagery is important on your website.

Sales – if you sell products it is important that you have high quality pictures taken of the products. This can be a mixture of plan product shots as well as pictures of the products in use. This helps customers to visualise themselves using the products which can then help them make a buying decision.

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Understanding – some people are much more visual in the way that they consume content. Having imagery on your site of your staff, your business location and the results of the services that you offer can help people to understand what it is that you do and the type of people that they will be working with.

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Trust – when you share images of your staff and your location it can help to build trust up with your customers. This can then help them to decide whether they can see themselves become a client of yours. Any ways in which you can help to genuinely and ethically speed up the buying decision can only help your business to be more profitable and to grow in the future.

Be sure that any images that are used are copyright free and fit in with the branding and the vision of your business.

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