Why brands cannot ignore the potential of online videos?

Online video is one of the most popular content on the Internet, and it looks like it will remain so. The new work of Getty Images, revealed us a lot of information and interesting information that show the growing importance of video as a resource of high value for users, in addition to being a key element in the communication strategies and marketing online companies and brands.

An estimated global audience of online video, prowling around 1.3 billion users, an audience that spends 18.9 hours each month to mission this content, playing 180 videos.

Why brands cannot ignore the potential of online videosThe video is very useful in improving the time spent on a page

88% of visitors spend more time on a website that features videos.Moreover, it is easier to stand out in search results and thereby increase visits to the page. The videos have a 41% higher CTR than other search results. Furthermore, it is a content type high viral reach. 68% of users share videos on the Internet.

It is expected that in 2015 this online audience audiovisual exceed 1.5 billion users. What makes the online video in one of the great ways to reach the target audience.

Video advertising has a positive reception among Internet

36% of consumers trust these messages, and considers relevant. This has led to an increase of 38% in investment video advertising over the past year. A big advantage to these advertisers is that they can better target your audience, measure the impact of their actions and thereby improve their reach. This is one of the reasons that 94% of advertisers that belong to the top 100 of AdAge run campaigns on YouTube.

Every day about 1,000 videos are published, by 10,000 users globally. An estimated 1.6 million videos exist, many of them are HD videos (1.25 million), involving 20,000 hours of quality video, the equivalent of 2.3 years.

Other advantages deriving from the rich media video advertising is a significant increase in brand awareness (x1,7), a greater predisposition toward the brand (x5) and, as in the path of conversion, increased purchase intent (x 2.7).

Video types should have a corporate website

Users need to know who you are, what are the distinguishing characteristics of the product, how it is used and recommendations for use, among others. Thus, the videos should appear on the web are:

  • A video explaining what the company, its history, values, history and projects. Not forgetting to highlight the experience of the company and have statements from top professionals in your organization.
  • What it is and how to use your product. In this way customers can meet their potential, and how to use it . You can also create demonstration videos, representing real needs, in order to show how the product solves these specific and everyday problems, with which the customer can feel identified.
  • Promotional videos. Those pieces that show the product from a more commercial view, either its official presentation, or video specially created to boost sales.

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