What we provide different social networks in our Social media strategy?

Social networks are here to stay. Many presaged that would simply be a mere passenger entertainment network become blurred over time. Nothing is further from reality, nowadays nobody sees internet social networks, indeed, there are very few who see their day to day without these, either in its more playful aspects or by professional appearance.

Social networks today are more established and are growing in number of users. It has also increased the number of social networks available, however what use? And why? Beyond the Social Network for excellence,Facebook, or beyond the social network of Larry bird, Twitter, there is life, and a lot of life. Everyone knows that if you want to upload a video on the network will use YouTube, or you want to find work will be recorded in Linkedin. Photography lovers who want to share their photos with others will do so in Instagram. And so on with all existing social networks. So far, so it controlled. But let ‘s take a twist more and go beyond average from a social perspective.

What we provide different social networks in our Social media strategyThe use of social networks from a social media aspect has to be like food, balanced and varied. Each of the social networks give us some average social benefits that provide us the way to achieve our strategy to capture the network.

Based on four basic pillars of social media we analyze what we offer various social networking strategy.

Customer communication

If our purpose is to maintain a good and smooth communication, Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the main social networks that we can offer. Each in its own way and with particular characteristics. YouTube is the social network audiovisual quintessential image power when transmitting is able to break many barriers for communication.

Google’s forte is the excellent ability to sort contacts in circles, making communication more effective since you can choose the circle of contacts to whom it is addressed. Twiter power would be in its speed, immediacy and traditional trending topic, which gives us quick information on the topics of the moment. Facebook, being the social network par excellence, in terms of number of users, has won a lot in this regard.

By contrast, other social networks like Instagram, Pinterest or Linkedin not be the best in terms of communication are designed for other purposes.

Brand exposure

Which our brand has a presence on the internet it is vital to introduce or consolidate the brand itself. A brand without Internet presence has fewer potential customers other than yes he has. In this Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube section are back in the top positions, mainly by the number of active users they have, but Instagram and Pinterest also be added by the power of the visual available. Nor should it rule out Linkedin as a showcase for companies and workers.

Traffic to the content of the mark

Getting traffic to websites or blogs of brands is very important to publicize what you are offering the user or company point. Many users are redirected to brand sites may be potential customers. At this point almost single-handedly leading Facebook and Twitter. Again, the number of active users is decisive, this being what makes, for example, Google is not among the most prominent. Still, it would be above options being this an ideal social network for redirect traffic to websites and blogs. YouTube instead having a large number of users, would be superseded by all those mentioned for not being this one of his strengths.

Seo (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is another aspect that should not neglect brands, perhaps one of the most important points from the competition.Perhaps the only weak point of Facebook and Twitter that are overcome in this concept by Google or YouTube. Keep in mind that the Google search engine is what makes the game SEO and these two social networks have the approval of Internet giant.

Google is a “sleeping giant”

Although Google did not take off I think it is a “sleeping giant”, the most complete on the four basic pillars of social media. His only handicap is the number of active users it has. If Google gets rid of handbrake representing the number of active users, the social landscape may change substantially.

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