Top Email Marketing Tips

When the average business user gets over a hundred emails a day, how can you ensure your stand out from the pack – for the right reasons?


Forget sending manual emails to large databases. Automation allows for advance preparation and scheduling of releases well in advance. This allows you to nurture leads with simple button clicks, ensuring that you maximise returns throughout their lifecycle, whilst managing resources.

Optimise for Mobile

Nearly two thirds of business people check emails on their phones and the number is growing, so make sure your emails are readable on a mobile device, and use responsive design. However, remember that some people do still want to see text based email, so don’t entirely rely on HTML. Make sure the version available to text readers is also of high quality.


For HTML emails, make sure the design is on brand and isn’t overflowing with bells and whistles. Use graphics and visuals by all means, but keep them appropriate to the user and in line with your overall brand. Remember, the message and the underlying value proposition is key.


You must always measure your email marketing campaigns to see if they are working. Use A/B testing, click through analysis and other measures of success to see if your efforts are having the right result.

Use Personalisation

Ensure that your design allows for personalisation, so that your reader feels more engaged. Make sure your contacts are kept up to date and include first names in subject lines to start conversations. Remember though, know your audience and offer and keep the level of friendliness appropriate.


A good Hemel Hempstead web design agency will tell you that segmentation is key to successful email marketing. Make sure you are segmenting and targeting your email activity. It may be worth contacting or similar agencies to find out more about how to achieve this.

Forget Gimmicks or Tricks

Don’t use trickery or clickbait to encourage people to open – open rates are fine for demonstrating that you’re doing your job to a manager or client, but what is actually needed as a result of your work is an engagement and then a sale. Opt instead for high quality, relevant and targeted email campaigns that add value to the end reader.

What other approaches do you use to guarantee successful email marketing campaigns?

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