Three display ad formats

HTML 5 ads are a great way of advertising on any website, but did you know that there are distinct types of display advertising to choose from online? Let’s take a look at three kinds of display ad formats.

1. Display banner ads

Classic display banners are extremely popular and completely flexible in terms of design. These are the rectangular-shaped adverts you will find displayed at the top, bottom, or side of a webpage. They load quickly and use fewer resources, which means advertisers can pay more affordable rates for them. Creatives can use video and static designs that maximise the options for display to suit your website. Display banners use the cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand (CPM) bidding models

2. Sticky banners

This type of HTML 5 ad is designed to ‘stick’ in a defined area of the user’s device. Sticky banners can be used in nine separate locations on a page, be rendered in different sizes, and be designed in PNG, JPEG or GIF with a maximum weight of 150kb. Companies such as will regularly produce this style of display ads.

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  1. Video bannersThese short video banners use optimised playback for a glitch-free and rapid user experience. Assorted sizes are available, and the maximum file weight is 1.5MB. Again, they allow for plenty of creativity and can be easily tied into broader marketing and advertising campaigns for a coherent brand experience. They look great on websites and can be highly engaging and immediate for viewers.

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These three types of display ads have various uses, and each will be more appropriate than the others at different times. With the right designs and creatives, they can be highly effective for driving traffic. Banner and HTML 5 ads are also ideal for A/B (split) testing and cost-effective advertising campaigns; what’s more, they are excellent for driving qualified leads for better chances of conversions.

In short, these three types of ads should be placed within any brand’s advertising campaign, both for use on their own websites and partner sites for maximum traffic opportunities.

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