Think global, act locally: Social networks for local businesses

Social Media is not an exclusive area reserved for large companies; Mainly because users do not understand size, but quality; Both in the product and in the service received.

For this reason all brands have equal opportunities in this environment; Including those whose activity is reduced to a local level, given that with the help of social tools can reach their customers more directly and closely, as well as broaden their scope of action. To develop an active presence in social networks, there are several ways, which can be used both jointly and separately, depending on the resources available:

Think global, act locally Social networks for local businessesThe first step to have an online presence is to have a website

It is convenient that you have a web where you clearly show your products and services; Besides including a blog where to publish news, events and news of your business. It will serve as both an online showcase and a destination point for the rest of your actions in Social Media, as well as being the place where your customers can buy your products, make reservations or explicitly request more information.

Facebook continues to be the main social network

Make sure you keep your profile updated, with interesting information and actions that appeal to your audience. Optimize your fanpage, with your location data. So be sure that you appear in the geolocation options when they mention you, or look in your nearest environment. Verify that the address is correct, and place the map tab in your fanpage in a preferential place, so your followers can easily access this information.

Foursquare, the network of four corners is ideal for establishments at the foot of the street

Enter the profile of your establishment and take advantage of the many advantages that this social network gives you to capture your customers and take them to your own door. For this, it is enough that you have some attractive promotion, not so much for the amount of the prize, but for its originality. These actions can even lead to healthy competition among customers, as in the case of Starbucks; Whose Mayor (the user who checks the most in an establishment) takes a discount on his favorite coffee.

Twitter can also serve as a hook to capture your target audience

It will not be the first time someone launches a tuit asking the locals of a certain city where to sleep, or what bar they recommend to take a cane. There you must be to monitor in time this request and to be able to offer you to help. Even in the event that you have a clothing store, and the user’s demand is from a bar, you will have positively captured their attention, and will do everything possible to stop by your store, or show your gratitude publicly mentioning, and recommending you Have the opportunity.

Yelp is also an interesting option when it comes to getting recommendations and that users find you.

In the United States it is the ideal web to look for small business services. It is still settling, but we can already see interesting results in many cities, where they began a couple of years ago. Another similar portal can be 11870, where you can create your listing for free and start now.

Do not forget Google Maps .

Check if your business is registered in the Google Places database and claim it in your name, or create it from scratch, if it does not exist. With it you will be able to make a dent in Google’s geolocated searches. In your listing you can upload photos, videos and also your customers can recommend your site.

As you can see, there are many possibilities for local businesses in Social Media. Define your strategy and make a hole in this medium.

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