There are still many brands that ignore the complaints of their followers in social networks

Social Media is the way to connect with friends, find interesting information about everything you can imagine, discover new products, follow your favorite brands, discover new ones, and even get interesting offers and opportunities.

However, there is one aspect that has not yet developed enough, it refers to the connection between the brands and their users, especially when it is the case that it is the customer who has to let something know to the company, and expects that it responds and works accordingly. In most cases, your call to attention falls on deaf ears, customers do not get a response to their claims online:

The growth of social media marketing has increased considerably, to the point that 9 out of 10 companies whose workforce exceeds 100 employees already has an online marketing strategy. 83% of them use Facebook, more than half have their Twitter account and even 36% have their own Youtube channel. Online communication channels are already open, so why do not they work?

Half of the users who have raised a complaint to a company through Twitter hope that at least this one has read. Young people are the most skeptical in this area, only 38% believe that the company will attend to their request, while 65% of users over 55 years confident that they have caught the attention of the company.

Practice tells us that companies ignore their users on Twitter. However, it costs very little to satisfy the fans, 3 out of 4 is very grateful for the simple fact that the brand responds, and 33% do not lose hope that the company deigns to pay attention.

Facebook users are not more successful either. 1 in 4 companies never respond to a fan’s claim on their wall; 2 out of 5 even delete the questions, both those that have answered, and those that do not.

It is incredible that in the 2.0 era of conversation companies still turn their backs on their users when it comes to coping with their performance. When faced with a problem, the answer is quiet. However, the faith of users in this medium has no limits, 4 out of 5 still think that customer service through social channels will be the main means to contact between the company and consumers.

Marketing professionals also support this theory, but do not put it into practice, what are they waiting for?

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