The reasons why email marketing is key to your business

Although many tend to think that email marketing and sending e was dying with the advent of social networks (facebook, twitter, …), the fact is that this belief is far removed from reality. Email marketing certainly continues to be a powerful marketing tool that can report to us significant benefits and very good results. And the truth is, email marketing, rather than leave, continues to consolidate as an attractive option and channel promotion.

Besides my experience for years in this sector, we can cite some of the conclusions of different research and studies on the importance of email marketing and email, where it is clear that there is much potential to develop.

The reasons why email marketing is key to your businessFrom these investigations and reports, we highlight some of the most important data and conclusions that can be translated as reasons to continue investing in email marketing. Reasons why email marketing is really important for any business.

  1. A recent study reveals that retailers Custora have managed to reach 7% of customers through e-mail marketing
  2. A direct channel with your customers, where you can also adjust the content to your profile to increase the return on investment.
  3. Forbes Media a survey on the effectiveness of ads where mail marketing is the second best channel becomes better for SEO positioning.
  4. Outcome studies shipments mail marketing also reveal that one in four email recipients respond actively to these commercial e loyalty.
  5. A study by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) notes that for every dollar invested in marketing mail, you can generate up to 30 dollars ROI.
  6. Media Datran his 2010 study cites that about 40% of the surveyed industries emphasized that mail marketing as advertising and sales channel is the one that works best.
  7. Another study concludes that ForeSee emails are the second largest source of influence for purchase channel, the first by brand awareness.
  8. 72% of those surveyed by eConsultancy in 2011 confirmed that the second channel is greater ROI mail marketing, SEO being the first.
  9. ExactTarget study of April 2012 concluded that 93% of online consumers are subscribers to email newsletters of different brands or purchasing centers / outlet. The brand engagement is much higher with email than Facebook (42%) or Twitter (5%).
  10. The same study cited above notes that almost 60% of respondents said they open an email it was the first activity that performed online every morning.

Sure there are more studies that can convince you of this, but we can also highlight other important reasons that include email marketing in your business strategies. Jesus Alfaro, in one of his articles we reveal some of these reasons.

  • It is  direct and noninvasive. The user who receives it is proactive to read it, because it has given us permission to enter your mailbox. Anyone who subscribe to mailing lists authorizing receive communications becomes a consumer of the news of your company, and will therefore be a day of your products and novelties. It is in these cases when we most need to take care of the design and content of the newsletter, and above all avoid the temptation to include advertising.
  • It allows a  great segmentation. Marketing campaigns can be targeted demographically or interest based databases to obtain, by various parameters can segment customer profile which direct the actions coming directly to the expected target audience.
  • It is  easy to get the ROI  of action. Today there are many tools sending mailing that we provide a variety of analysis and statistics as a percentage of opening the email, the time that was open the message, the number of clicks and even who opened it.
  • Generating  immediate response. The newsletter can take the user to perform an action, either purchase information request, achieving high conversion values.
  • Is a  communication channel  direct. If we make so that communications are not considered invasive or can we consider spam, and if also offer quality content and interest, we will be turning our newsletter direct communication channel with our customers.
  • Encourages  loyalty. When you publish periodically high quality content, useful and relevant get a high percentage of users to open emails, because they like to be informed of the news of the brand or new trends, so it have subscribed.
  • Finally,  it is economical. You can reach your target audience with a single click and for very little money with your newsletter. It also lets you keep growing and getting new customers and retain existing ones.

Surely you have many more reasons why email marketing is an option you should not ignore.

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