The online video triumphs as a key piece of content strategy companies and brands

More than 80% of marketers incorporates videos within the site. The interest of users for the audiovisual content has led companies to have it very present in its content strategy. A fact that has been possible due to cost reduction and new tools in production and distribution, thanks to technological advances and the advent of the digital age.

The online video triumphs as a key piece of content strategy companies and brandsThe survey published by the Web Video Marketing Council, ReelSEO and Flimp Media indicates that 93% of marketers has included video within their online marketing strategy, sales or communication actions this year;3% of respondents admitted that has not yet implemented the audiovisual content, but is seriously assessing their application. A significant increase from 2012 (81%) and even more evident if we take as reference 2011 (70%).Data from this study are more positive than the trend report published by the WCC, where it is stated that 73% of companies already includes within its online video content strategy.

This behavior is a response to a growing demand from users. Ooyala’s report on online video trends among users put d shows that online video is positioned as the content most demanded by users.

The firm commitment by the marks on the video marketing is also reflected in the investment budget. 70.5% of respondents say they will increase the resources allocated to this area, only 14.6% indicated that their budget remain unchanged, while 13.5% was not clear what his action taken.

At the time of publishing this audiovisual content, corporate site itself is the main recipient (83.9%), although the brands are worth platforms social media, in order to increase the visibility of the site. YouTube is the quintessential channel video sharing, leading to 2 out of 3 companies participating in the study to use it as a way to catapult their creations. On the other hand, 61.7% is also committed to social networks, while 60.3% include it in their actions of e-mail marketing.

It may be added that the videos are also used as content to enrich other communications, such as online advertising (40%), or within landing pages (47.5%). Decidedly, a picture is worth a thousand words, and if it is moving can be worth more than one million images.

The report issued in late 2012 by Invodo indicated that product videos are especially effective in the case of high-priced products. 69% of customers interested in buying technology products or appliances sees at least 2 times each video is this guy. These are devices that require greater economic effort, plus more knowledge regarding technical characteristics or use; a type of information that the image can convey a clear and simple

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