The new paradigm of Social Media Manager

The management of social networking is a fashionable profession, an appeal that has led many professionals to reinvent themselves, as they say, and begin to unravel the mysteries of the world 2.0. This caused the proliferation of all kinds of experts, gurus and several Community Manager, who, before the granda demand for professionals, took to make a killing in the online environment.

Fortunately, times have changed and as expected, time puts things in place.The sector has matured and the figure of the Social Media Manager and related profiles increasingly less sense, as it was conceived. Eye, I am not saying that social networks have died, or that you have to burn the Community as witches at the stake, but should step back and analyze the current situation.

The new paradigm of Social Media ManagerLabor supply related to Social Media Manager grew 50% last year, a figure that is far from the incredible figures to which we were accustomed. Which necessarily implies that the demand in the sector, as we knew so far, is slowing.

What is clear is that social networks have permeated our daily lives, have become essential communication tool, and as such will continue. The difference is that not only affect the communication process between the brand and the customer, but have spread to all areas of the company, ranging from different departments, to senior leaders in any business environment. Therefore, it is not positioned themselves as Social Media Manager, but as an integrated communication manager of the company, using social channels. A “Social Enterprise Manager”.

The fundamental value of these new professionals is to exploit their social skills, and mastery of communication tools 2.0. Qualities that should be able to apply to all areas of the company, so that it gains in efficiency and productivity.

At present, companies demand a professional who not only look out of doors, but worry about knowing the company, and be able to leave the area of marketing and involve all levels, from human resources to production, without forgetting the customer. A fact that highlights the Sloan Management Review, published by MIT. One thing that can be extremely profitable for the company. According to the McKinsey report, the application of Social Media in the company globally could bring the economy up to 1.3 billion dollars, thanks to increased productivity and improved customer knowledge.

In the US, 61% of companies already use social media to find new business opportunities. A clear example of this evolution is IBM, who experienced a 400% increase in sales thanks to the implementation of social sales.

The trend is oriented to social networks are a working tool, not a job in itself, although it is still necessary to deepen the mastery of them. According to the Harvard Business Review survey, only 12% of users of social networks is able to use them effectively. Hence the role of professional social networks is still essential, which does not mean that in the near future question again.

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