The great transformation of SEO and search engine positioning

For quite some time now we have seen lots of articles and people who think that SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) has died, for many reasons such as: controls and changes in Google’s algorithms, integration of social searches that affects the results of its search engine, relevance to fresh content, etc.

Many SEO changes in a short time

It is true that SEO HAS CHANGED, but it has not died, as it evolves every time adapting to the changes made by Google and search engines, and perhaps we should ask ourselves the question “SEO is dead?” another way, so that we know that when this happens, perhaps companies (or their business areas), such as Google, would also die, facilitating and enabling this marketing technique.

The big ones put the rules

Nowadays companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing, the big players in the online search engine market, base their business strategy on offering results of relevant websites for their users and that the search experience is every time more pleasant and satisfying. Precisely this is due to the great changes and integrations that have been developing in the last decade (anti spam controls, relevance, duplicate content, fresh content, integration of maps, videos, others), making the SEO technique must adapt to new circumstances and requirements to comply with the policies that they require us to be well positioned in their results.

All in the same boat

The moment the SEO technique dies, it will imply that those big players in the market, like Google, will have changed their business model to another side, giving no importance to their search engine (something that could happen if the social search finally ends up predominating?) and focusing on other areas.

Perhaps it is very hasty to think that these big companies will put aside their gold mine, based on offering results and earning millionaire figures with advertising based on the click.

Consumers play an important role

We must also raise this for the consumer, we who seek every day and find solutions to our needs and desires; more and more people make use of search engines to find what they need, and more and more often we turn to it, not only from computers, but from mobile devices and tablets. Search engines are a great invention, which must remain, and while it continues to solve the problems, desires and needs of people, it will continue to be used.

The day that the SEO technique is considered to have died, it means that we will have found another method more efficient than the search engines; to date it has only evolved, transformed and adapted to new circumstances.

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