The data of social networking you should know before planning your strategy

The emergence and evolution of social networks has reached really unthinkable numbers. The revolution of mobile devices has had a great share of responsibility for this development, but be that as it may, the territory of social media continues to grow and expand with little known limitations.

Knowing some of the most important data regarding this type of media, can serve really get an idea of its true importance, and also highlighting why they are equally indispensable for the marketing strategy of any brand or company.

Previously, we deepen on what we might offer different and different social networks in our Social media strategy. However, knowing some facts, it can serve to position ourselves better to this vast territory we intend to conquer and correctly define our various strategic actions.

The data of social networking you should know before planning your strategyFacebook is by far, the giant social networks

With over 1,150 million users, hard to find someone who does not have their profile registered in this social platform. Depths more analysis of the activity that happens within its pages shows that half of its users use their mobile device to update your profile. This has resulted in there being more than 10 million mobile applications for Facebook.

Users come to more than 7,000 different devices to move through your favorite social network, an almost routine activity. 1 in 4 users access their profile more than 5 times a day. Every day they share 250 billion photos in its pages.

Google has established itself as second social network

In March this year the Global Web Index recognized that the social network Twitter Google had overtaken on the podium, earning the silver medal. As for the number of registered users, both have 500 million, although Google can claim to have more active members (343 million).

Although from its inception was branded as “social network ghost”, the figures show otherwise. 80% of users of this network access at least once a week, while 60% view their profile daily. Its main asset is the 1 button, which registers more than 5 billion daily interactions.

Twitter, the microblogging platform more popular

This service instant dissemination of information has more than 500 million adherents, although it is estimated that the number of active users is less than 300 million; we must consider that about 20 million profiles found in its database are false. The sector of the population that is growing in this environment are those over 55 years. 79% of social network users in this age group have a Twitter account.

Mobile plays a critical role in the activity of this microblogging platform.60% of its members access to this network from your smart device. It is estimated that approximately every day come to light 400 million tweets.

LinkedIn, the social network where you come to work

The main attraction of LinkedIn is the ability to network professionally.Here no place for personal, or daily; anything that does not have a tinge of strictly labor application. A fact that leads to 42% of its 238 million users to regularly update their profile, in order to excel in this channel.

It is the ideal place for networking scenario. The groups are the ideal place to share interests and concerns, about the same sector tool. 81% of LinkedIn users belong to at least one group. The social platform has 1.5 million of them.

The presence of companies in this environment is especially necessary to gain visibility and promote business opportunities. And 3 million brands have registered your company profile here.

Pinterest, the platform image and inspiration

If anything characterizes the social network boards it is its ability to display information in a simple and attractive way. This has made 70 million users, mainly women (70%) have been launched to dive into its pages. Here succeed images of all kinds of content related to the home, cooking, decorating and gifts. Especially the food, which accounts for 57% of the content. This platform also stands out as the benchmark that provides highest quality traffic.

Instagram, the phenomenon of shared images

A few days ago Instagram’s blog announced that the number of users exceeded 150 million, 60% of whom reside outside the United States. Its ease of use and quality of the filters have made users, armed with their mobile, not to miss a chance to immortalize a sunset, graceful posture that your dog or that they will cover mouthwatering taste. Any excuse is good to do and share photos. What has caused this tool is already hosting more than 16 billion photos. Sample frenetic activity is that every second 8000 users interact with a photo. 5 million snapshots every day climb. Its main novelty in these months has been the inclusion of videos. Each day approximately 5 million share these unpublished productions.

Given this reality, brands have been launched to develop their online presence in order to capture the attention of your target audience. 46% of Internet users seeking information on social networks before deciding to buy. For 60%, the integration of Social Media sharing and recommend products to your contacts. Especially in the case of women, who play a much more social activity than men.

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