The behavior of many brands on social networks disappoints young

A 4 in 10 millennials do not like to follow brands on their social profiles. To make matters worse, 12.3% believe that brands should not be on social networks. For these young social networks have a personal use where, according to data Concentric, brands are more.

The fact that virtually all young people have their profile on Facebook, and 3 out of 4 is on Twitter, does not give freedom to the brands to be there and break your user experience. However, many still follow any brand in the world 2.0. Concentric study indicates that 70% of this generation still as much a 3 brands on social networks.

The behavior of many brands on social networks disappoints youngWhat motivates young people to follow brands on social networks?

The main incentive is the affinity with the brand, which has already been gestated in the offline world. 27.3% is only their favorite brands. However, it is not a particularly fun activity. Only 5.3% of millennials recognizes that enjoys following brands.

All told, young people not only loyal to their brands on social networks. 8% of them ceases to follow, and 7% think that still too many social networks.

What bothers brands on social networks?

Above all saturation. More than half of respondents believe that brands publish too often. Most believes that update your profile once a week, or even less, would suffice. The main reason that leads them to think this way is that they expect more of the brands that their messages are not reduced to promotions and marketing actions. 40% believe that brands only want to sell, and do not show any interest in talking to them.

Definitely, if brands want to gain the support of this generation should strive to add value. This study is a precedent of what awaits them; the habits of these digital natives are the guidelines that follow consumers of tomorrow.

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