Social networks: The great objective for insurance entities

Brand positioning (81%) and client attention and listening (66%), priority objectives of the presence of insurers in social networks.

The directors of insurance companies consider that social networks have or will have a short-term impact on the business. However, only 56% of respondents acknowledge that their company has a presence in that 2.0 environment, mostly in the test phase (38%). In addition, one in five states that their entity does not yet have a defined policy in this regard, 18% anticipate that it will have a presence in the next year and 6% raise that term to two or three years.

These are some of the conclusions that are drawn from the survey of about a hundred managers of insurers to know the current and future strategy of companies in the environment of social networks. These professionals affirm that it should be the departments of Marketing (43%) and Communication (29%) that lead the management of social networks. Only 3 out of 10 admit that in their organization there is the figure of ‘community manager’.

In terms of resources, 48% acknowledge that their company has not implemented a system of systematic listening and tracking of opinions expressed in social networks and 65% confirm that in their company there is no initiative to raise awareness or training in social networks. social media’.


In reference to the objectives of the ‘presence 2.0.’, In his opinion the priority (81%) must be related to the ‘branding’ and the improvement of the image / positioning of the company. The establishment of a customer service and listening channel (66%) and the strengthening of the relationship and dialogue with current customers (51%) are also considered as priority purposes.

In this way, in line with the main objective, managers mention as main benefits provided to their company by social networks aspects related to the brand itself, such as the increase of notoriety and the contribution to the improvement of reputation.

Regarding who they think is a priority to go through this new communication channel, 73% of respondents think that priority customers (mainly portfolio) and the remaining 27% also highlight the re of collaborators (brokers) , agents …).

According to the answers obtained, the companies are inclined to have a priority presence on Facebook (social network), Twitter (microblogging), YouTube (videos) and Linkedin (professional network).


The promoters of this non-profit research project have been Business Integration Partners, Biurrun Consulting, Community of Insurance, Lluch & Juelich Brokers, Inese, Insare and Seguros Red. The objective of these companies is to make available to the insurance sector Secure data on the status of sector presence 2.0. in order to contribute to its development.

Based on the final data of the survey, the promoters of the survey consider that, with some exceptions, “insurance companies are beginning to take timid steps towards incorporating social networks into their business strategies, so we would be talking more about future than of current reality “.

Given the influence and growing impact that social networks are beginning to have in the business field, they explain, “it would be necessary for companies in the short term to define the positioning to adopt in front of social networks and invest in sensitizing / training the organization. and in developing resources that allow them to professionalize the management “.


The survey was conducted in September between general managers and managers in the areas of Marketing, Communication, Internet, Human Resources and IT, as well as between commercial directors and distribution channels. 57% of the 88 participating professionals belonged to multirate insurers compared to 43% who work in specialized entities.

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