Social networks, prescribers of Internet consumption

Social networks are currently one of the main channels of access to other content on the network, becoming the new prescribers of Internet consumption, according to a study by Nielsen Online, a company specialized in measuring audiences.

In this way, the study reveals that Internet users already access content on the web, not only through traditional search engines, but having as their source the comments, recommendations and links of their friends from social networks. So much so that Facebook, with 16.4 million Spanish users during the month of September, is already the second source of online traffic for many content sites in Spain, after the Google search engine.

In this sense, the report of Nielsen Online notes that users in social networks redirect their friends to portals especially of audiovisual content and news, as well as to those blogs that collect the latest curiosities and news most commented on the network. In fact during the last month, more than 200,000 comments were collected, according to Nielsen’s MyBuzzmetrics, which derived to other content on the network.

Hence, almost two million users – more than 13% of the audience – of the well-known Youtube video portal, have their origin on Facebook and more than 1 million users of Blogger – 11% of their audience – access the known logs of this platform through the social network.

The same happens with La Sexta, Cuatro, Telecinco or RTVE that, with some of the most talked-about videos of recent months such as Iker Casillas’s kiss to Sara Carbonero, received a large part of their audience from Facebook, through the Links of followers eager to share the commented images with their friends.

According to the director of Customer Services at Nielsen Online Spain, David Sánchez, “Social networks like Facebook have introduced a new way of consuming content based, mainly, on the recommendations of friends, something that, given the viral capacity of social networks , has exponential consequences on consumption. “

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