Social media requires a lot of dedication, that’s why it is neither cheap nor free

The power of communication of 140 characters or a Fan Page, brushstrokes that manage to attract the attention of thousands of people and that provoke the need to know and know more about that brand, company or product. Geniuses of advertising and communication, who do not invade your space or bombard you at all hours of the day. With skill, empathy and quality content, they capture the attention and for this reason you decide to follow them and be up to date with news, news or impressions.

Social media requires a lot of dedication, that's why it is neither cheap nor freeThey do not impose, they propose; They do not sell, they suggest. They enter your house because you open the door.

It is a form of communication and marketing, agile, fresh, entertaining and that establishes very direct links. Of course if and when things are well done, if not produce the same rejection that a telemarketing call or a note from cold press without filters, or personalization and untracked: Direct Spam.

How to generate curiosity is the job of Community Manager , its know – how, creativity, communication and convening power. The community manager must have “people’s gift and empathy, be grateful and humble.”

Many times, analyzing the company profiles of my timeline, I ask myself: Who carries this account? What communication strategy do you have? Why is it in social networks? Questions that, I think, should not come to my head but because something does not fit and squeak.

I am of those that I think that every company must be present in Social Networks. Whether you want it or not, you know it or you do not know it, your company is sure that it is present in them; And not having accredited the profiles of your company, generates a certain distrust in the consumers.

I come to mind those customers or friends, we all know some, that when you talk to them about how interesting and almost fundamental that it is at this moment to be present in Social Networks always have the son of a friend who like “has a facebook” Controls a lot of this subject and will do it for 300 euros. And I ask myself and I ask them:

  • Is your friend’s son a good communicator?
  • Will your friend’s son know how to leave his ego to his FB and focus on your company?
  • Will your friend’s child know how to converse, generate news of interest, content, and be able to suggest and capture attention?
  • Are you aware of the value of the “ influencers ” and will know how to reach them?
  • Will your friend’s son do a previous study to know where to target digital marketing? Will you define a communication strategy?
  • Will your friend’s child be present whenever necessary in the networks?
  • Will you be able to manage a crisis if presented?
  • Will he take into account that from the moment he starts, he will be the customer service of your company?
  • Will you analyze the results and impact of the management and will you polish the communication according to the results?
  • Are you both aware that the image of your company is in your hands?

“Social media requires a lot of work, time, dedication and knowledge, so it’s not cheap and much less free”

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