Social Media collateral benefits for companies and brands

Many companies are launching Social Media with the expectations of increasing their sales, with the consequent increase in their profit account. However, after several months of effort, many are discouraged, since they do not get the expected results. However, not everything has been in vain. Social networks are not a sales channel, but they can boost them if the strategy is well designed.

Social Media collateral benefits for companies and brandsTo find out the impact of the actions in Social Media, it is necessary to establish KPIs and know how to measure. In addition, not all results translate into direct sales, but activity in the 2.0 environment also has repercussions when:

  • Encouraging brand recognition. Social networks favor the diffusion of the brand at all levels, being able to reach all spheres. In this way it is possible to reach a large audience with relatively little effort.
  • To gain more notoriety, and with it, greater impact of the message. The activity in social media can reach a much greater impact than that generated through the traditional channels, with a considerably smaller investment.
  • Reach the public in a different way. The way the company communicates with its target in social networks must not be unidirectional, but must develop a message that invites the dialogue, adapted to their interests and needs, in a way that captures the attention of the recipient and prompts Irremediably to interact with it, to make it own and to share it. A result that is not achieved with a traditional advertising campaign.
  • Win in influence and authority. A brand that effectively develops its presence in social networks will obtain a position within its sector, who can refer to it as a reference, choosing it when making a purchase decision.
  • Show the personality of the brand. Social networks allow us to show the most human side of the company, its most intimate and reserved part. Here you can show what is beyond your image, what is the real commitment of the brand with its customers, its vocation of service and know-how.
  • Provide differential value. They are the perfect showcase to really show how the company is. They are a very useful tool to know more aspects about the product, its advantages and characteristics of the company, impossible to transmit in any other medium. On more than one occasion consumers think that all products are the same, this medium can help to show those qualities that make them special.
  • It is an advantage compared to the competition. The fact that a brand has active social profiles is a point in its favor, which can cause the customer to choose the company. Users are looking for information on the Internet about the products they are interested in, it is one of their main activities in the online medium, so the brand that has developed an effective strategy in Social Media will have a better chance of attracting customers.
  • Increase web traffic. Approximately one-third of the traffic recorded by web pages comes from social networks. This percentage will depend on the online presence of the brand, and its actions in the middle 2.0. According to the annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 69% of marketers acknowledged that social networks increased users’ thirst for brand information, so they opted to visit the website, looking for more information about their products Or services.
  • It is a source of opportunity . The social channels allow to connect with people that in another area would not be possible, as is the case of senior executives or managerial positions; A public that is difficult to reach at the media level, but which are accessible at level 2.0. Another advantage is to cross local borders and reach other markets.
  • Generate community. Social networks are the medium of interaction, which favors relationships on a more direct level, which results in the grouping of users around common interests, initially attracted by the authority of the brand, and fed by quality content, Along with a preferential treatment and special attention. This encourages engagement and their sense of belonging to the brand.
  • Encourage closeness with customers. They are the ideal channel to talk to customers from you to you, to establish a constant flow of communication, that allows the user to feel listened to, and the brand loyalty to its target audience.

In view is that Social Media can greatly benefit a company, everything depends on how you behave in this medium, and be able to reach your target audience, so that it reacts accordingly.

What other side benefits can brands get in Social Media?

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