Social Media, by hand or by machine?

Whenever we talk about Social Media, the first word that comes to mind is Interaction, conversation.

It is clear that the way to work and build strong working relationships is through conversation with other professionals, and that the professional who is not willing to share content on social networks is doomed to failure.

The conversation is what will allow us to succeed, because, thanks to it, we can meet our target, other professionals, and we can get feedback that would be difficult to achieve otherwise, but is there anything else?

There are many professionals who affirm that Social Media is the two-point way of reaching the pronouncement, that is, the personal interaction, which should be our objective. This may be reminiscent of traditional lifelong business: a good conversation, a good meal, and we close the deal.

It should be considered, is it enough interaction and conversation to succeed in our Social Media strategy, or do we need something else?

Undoubtedly, conversation and dialogue is of paramount importance, but we also need to evaluate the progress and outcome of our actions.

The conversation will make us more social, it will give us visibility, but, we need to measure our results to see if we are going in the right direction or not.

The tools help us to measure, to quantify, the success of the actions we carry out, allowing us to modify all those aspects that are not going along the path we have drawn based on the results obtained. We should not think at any time that the tools are going to do the job, they will make it easier in certain aspects, but the task has to be carried out by us.

Neither should we be obsessed with using tools for everything, as they are simply an aid, a complement to our work. There are a lot of applications that can make our work easier, especially when performing analyzes and metrics, but they are not everything.

As we said before, conversation is the best tool we can use in Social Media, since it is the one that will best allow us to reach others, together with quality content, but it is also necessary to know what we collect from what we sow.

Therefore, is it enough to interact with other users? Do not!. To complete our actions, measure and analyze the value and the return of them, technology and specialized tools that we can use to reach and successfully complete our objectives are essential.

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