Should brands headlong to all new social networks born?

We all remember that time in which appeared some new social network, the latest Facebook killer shift, and as the press was launched to cover its launch eagerly anticipate that possibly had just becoming the element that would cause a change and here You should be the question that interests shift. Privacy may be, can be video, it may be how we communicate? The choices are always varied and rather linked to complaints that users have at the time of the dominant social networks.

While some bubble of interest occurs and while everyone seems to embark on the conquest of the social network and test it, brands are beginning to get stressed with what they have to do or not with respect to it. When Google + appeared on the market, for example, all brands were like crazy because they could not create profiles mark on it and could only do tricks to be present, creating profiles of people who used them as brand profiles. The frenzy lasted one season and inordinate interest in the social network was also parallel. Now that Google + languishes without users without real interest them by what happens in them, the frenzy of the marks at that time seems somewhat ironic and also a lesson they should learn once and for all.

Should brands headlong to all new social networks bornBrands become like crazy every time there is a new social tool or a new element that will change communications or rules. It is not necessary that I have already changed or that there really tangible evidence that it will do so. The marks are obsessed with the question simply when this is appearing on the horizon as yet only been thrown at its early adopters .This has several explanations excessive interest. The first is that brands want to show they are the last, which are modern and they know what’s going on. The second reason is much more prosaic: those arriving first will have an easier starting position. At the outset it is much easier to recruit new followers, get better ratios of engagement or achieve stand out in the midst of everything that is being done.

But this starting point also has its disadvantages. Brands are released to the pool when they have hardly moved from one class swimming. The new social networks do not yet have clear rules of etiquette and nobody really has very clear what needs to be done there. What users of this social network want? Brands have to embark on a strategy of trial and error to achieve understands. In addition to these issues, brands are a much greater danger. Perhaps the effort being devoted to social network that does not end up actually serving for nothing and turn the social network not prosper and that everything he has done is left in the pan.

How to decide who you want to conquer

In an analysis of eConsultancy, mark certain points that any brand should look before you leap to the conquest of a social network and venture into unknown territory which is one of those scenarios. The is new and everyone seems to be using should never guide the strategy of a brand.

On the one hand, the company should consider existing users who are already in the social network are. Who is actually using that tool? Knowing the profile of them is crucial, as it will help them understand how they can relate (or not) with your brand. The brand has to be clear if those potential users of the social network are interested and if you bring something to your strategy. In the end, all efforts of brands should focus on getting more products are purchased or are more you know your brand. Be because it makes no sense.

The second point that brands must work when embarking on a new social network is to establish what type of content that prevails in the social network and therefore will have to generate. Can you do it right brand? It makes no sense, for example, venture into Instagram if the end was not going to get publish quality photographs. Brands should not be because they simply generating content, but must conform to what is expected of her in that setting.

And finally, the brand needs to do a sort of examination of conscience. Worth knowing not only what is happening on that stage but must also study what is being done about it. Does it really work the content of the mark in the middle of what others are publishing? Does it fit with the social network and it’s usurious?

This will help to make an analysis of subsequent awareness and brand will continue to explore what it does and the impact once it has entered the new social scene. The company has to ask for the return of investing you’re doing and consider whether the time and effort devoted to this new social network really worth.

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