Response, reaction time and personalization key customer on Twitter

Serve customers through social networks remains a challenge for brands.The latest study of SocialBakers evident that only 1 in 3 responded to their customers through Twitter. The data were even worse than in the previous year, since the marks even took over the previous year to respond.

Therefore, brands have to consider seriously the need to be there when the customer needs and apply these simple tips in order to improve the customer experience through social networks:

Response, reaction time and personalization key customer on TwitterThe first rule of thumb is simple: always have to answer. The customer response on our part, all our interactions deserves. Whether they are positive mentions, praising your products, or those that include the worst criticism. In the case of positive comments, be on hand whenever a witty answer, that he bring a smile to the recipient, and shake the link with the brand. If instead it is a complaint, think it’s an opportunity to get closer to your customer, you will improve your relationship with him. This may be the beginning of a beautiful and lasting friendship.

The second will not catch you by surprise: Respond as soon as possible. If anything characterizes Twitter is the immediacy and speed with which the information is true. Therefore hard to believe that a mark later 6 hours on average to respond (SocialBakers), that, if it do so. Therefore, sharpens your monitoring tools and show your client that you are there and you care assist you .

Customize the message. It is very easy, and your action will be much more effective. If your customer by name you shall call him feel special, you listened, and there really is an interest in talking to him. We all like to remember our name is not it?

Focus on solving the problem of your customer. Do not even go through your head tell you about your latest news, or offer you have just released, unless they are closely related to the issue he has raised you. There is nothing worse than turn the conversation to the interests of the company. It is a sign of disinterest and inefficiency that could seriously harm the relationship with the customer.

As you can see, the strategy customer does not have to be a complicated piece of engineering. Just be aware of your need to have qualified and have the necessary tools. Do you practice customer service through social networks?

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