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Imagine a co-worker with whom he has had a face to face conversation for a few minutes, and, when he returns to his duties, totally forget what you’ve been talking to you. I do not know what to think, but I would not consider a just social person. You could even think of him as a sociopath, that is, someone who only pretends to have empathy.

Analytics social networks can be something. Or not. It depends on each case. Toyota, for example, analyzes the conversations that occur in social networks around their various products, as well as about its competitors.And get to understand how this analysis influences across all its areas of activity, an achievement considering the dimensions of this corporate giant.After go into the daily life of this company for several months, I was really impressed with the variety of ways in which Toyota uses the information from these social conversations. Today it is very common for companies to “hear” the conversations that occur in social media, and try to take advantage of the feelings that flow from them to quantify the data. But how do you qualify them? How to actually extract value from them for the right conclusions and make the right decisions?

Networks anti-socialThe reality of social media analytics

In recent years I have discussed a lot with various experts on how they deal with their social networks analytics organizations as diverse sectors such as retail, financial services and public administration. And, in most cases, these companies have failed to figure out how to be truly “social” through social networks. Generally these institutions perform analysis focuses on marketing activities. Depending on the specific software that count, the analysis will cover from the metrics related to the level of commitment and vanity-that say, `gusta’ me, retweets or` reach’- to metrics based on listening, as -the feelings sentiment metric applies primarily a numerical score to a piece of text depending on whether it is negative or positive.These scores can be used then to prioritize the answers.

But I must honestly say that they are not achieving their goals. In fact, they are creating the opposite effect, which is leading them to become “anti-social” companies. Very few companies have risen to the level in which to entwine social data with other data of your organization to determine the impact they are having on the business activities on social networks-listening what they “say” customers and acting apropiadamente- . For example, they are able to discern whether a specific digital marketing campaign has been successful. as it has improved the level of “engagement” and their web activity; but it would be impossible to link and whether there has been a similar increase in sales or traffic in their stores / branches during the same period. Or they might discover that it is producing a negative feedback on Facebook or Twitter with respect to a specific event;but they can probably never consistently check the impact of that situation on other channels as your call center, your help desk or telephone surveys they perform.

total involvement

To perform a type of complete and multichannel analysis, a deeper data which provide current processing tools social media access is needed. What a company should get is that all its business units are social, ie not to use no more social networks, but are really social. Both sales and marketing, and technical support, product development, quality control and IT must be fully involved, in a coordinated manner, in promoting the socialization of the company, if what is intended is to extract the maximum possible performance of this continuous source of information.

Remember the definition of the term “social”, ‘tendency to form cooperative and interdependent relationships with otros’. This is what we strive for.Realizing this ability has marked the success of Toyota. While the vast majority of organizations are not getting forward as they would like because of its traditional “anti-social” nature.


“Both sales and marketing, and technical support, product development, quality control and IT must it be fully involved, in a coordinated manner, in promoting the socialization of the company, if the aim is extract the maximum possible from this continuous source of information “

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