Monitoring in social networks: The eyes and ears of Social media

Every day the media environment is full of comments, suggestions and requests from users, many of which remain unanswered. One of the reasons why these requests are not met is because the companies do not directly know or are aware of it; They do not have a monitoring system, or this is not adequate; Which prevents you from receiving the message.

Without monitoring there can be no conversation.If there is no previous listening of the online medium, which can detect what is said on the social platforms about our brand, we can hardly intervene, either to clarify a doubt, answer a question or make a contribution. Monitoring also has many other applications, essential for cultivating an adequate presence in social networks. Here are some of them:

Detecting trends.The registration of the media panorama gives you a lot of information about the most relevant issues in the sector. With an adequate monitoring you can trace your sector, your target audience, related media, keep track of the terms related to your activity and any other element that interests you. To do this, you must allocate the necessary resources; Not only economic but also human.

It allows us to find out the needs of your customers. It is the best method to analyze what your clients say, what they do, or where they move; In short, how they are and what you have to do to earn them.

Show the results of your actions in Social Media.By monitoring you can find out the number of interactions, mentions and comments received in response to your Social Media campaign. This way you can draw conclusions, extrapolate the data and determine the degree of engagement, as well as the return on investment.

It helps to reorient our strategy. Adequate monitoring allows you to know at all times the evolution of your communication actions, in order to know where to reinforce the brand presence, or which actions are not obtaining the expected results. In this way, is it possible to react in time and readapt the campaign, changing the tone of the message, the medium?

It is essential to be able to offer an effective customer service in social networks.This is the key tool to detect customer requests at the moment, which allows us to act as soon as possible; Thereby achieving greater effectiveness.

Contributes to foster engagement. When you know your customers and offer them what they like, you have many chances to gain their trust and thereby promote their loyalty.

It acts as radar to intercept the trolls. It is a weapon of massive detection, with which you can find all kinds of mentions about your brand, in any area of ​​the online medium and, thus, know all your movements and be prepared to defend your good name.

What other advantages does monitoring have for you? How do you use it in your daily life?

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