Mobile advertising: What companies are missing

Mobile ads engage users

This is one of the main conclusions of the survey conducted by Hipcricket Inc, which shows that approximately half of smartphone users viewed the ads shown in this support; In fact, 64% of them felt incentivized to complete the purchase process.

In addition to encouraging the purchase, a fact to keep in mind is that 45% of buyers acknowledge having recommended the product or service purchased to one of their contacts. Take advantage of this predisposition by your customers and facilitate this task including, at the end of the purchase process, a button type “recommends this product.” This way you can increase the number of comments on the product, as well as promote your vocation as brand influencesrs

The banner has not died, you have just moved the screen

The ads that generate the most engagement among mobile devices are the banners, which, despite having lost their effectiveness on the big screen of the computer, have managed to reconvert and find your site; not in vain, its effectiveness is appreciated in 70% of cases. It is followed by advertising in text format, mainly via SMS, which is harvested by 44% of mobile advertising followers.

Call to action: fundamental reason to achieve effectiveness

The announcements through the mobile devices must take to a concrete action, to guarantee his convertibility. Specifically, 38% of users prefer to click on the ad and it will take you directly to your goal; Another very valid option, as acknowledged by 31% of respondents, is to incentivize the purchase through a promotional coupon. The included links within the text or the download of applications are also effective alternatives. The key to giving relevance to an ad lies mainly in the importance of its content. 39% of the ads are directly invisible to users, this is simply because they lack interest for users.

Mobile advertising, a kingdom mainly of men

The male population stands out for being the most active in this type of advertising. Although about half of women feel interest in coupons, 35% of men actually act. In addition, men are more likely to recommend their new acquisitions than females, are positioned first as influencers.

Smartphones are a powerful advertising support that is not yet sufficiently exploited. 74% of smartphone owners complain that only a quarter of their preferred companies carry mobile advertising. What is your case? Have you already done mobile ad campaigns? What was the result?

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