Marketing and information technology managers demand a change towards digital marketing

A study by the Board of Directors of Marketing and Accenture reveals the opportunity for Marketing and Information Systems professionals to increase sales using digital marketing to reinforce relevance for clients, their knowledge and personalized interaction.

Marketing and information technology managers demand a change in their organizations to increase sales using digital marketing, strengthen relations with customers, facilitate their knowledge and maintain a personalized interaction, according to the report made by the Board of Directors. of Marketing (CMO Council) and Accenture.

In fact, very few of the marketing and information technology (IT) managers believe that their companies are prepared to exploit the new digital channels, despite sharing the conviction that the technology sustains and generates the entire customer experience. . Specifically, only 4% of more than 300 marketing managers and 7% of the more than 300 IT managers say that their companies are well prepared to exploit digital marketing channels. In addition, only 8% of marketing professionals and 6% of IT executives believe that their data and analytics are fully integrated. And almost a third of both groups say they are having difficulties in the integration process or are not at all integrated.

“Marketing and IT executives recognize the importance of enabling digital marketing and integrating Internet channels with traditional channels, but we have to go further,” explains Tim Breene, partner at Accenture Interactive, the division of Accenture that helps Companies strengthen their digital marketing capabilities, including websites and online marketing. “This study serves as a wake-up call to the Directors of Marketing and Information Systems who seek new formulas for success: a company with full digital capabilities, capable of forging and maintaining continuous and relevant relationships with its customers”

Both marketing and systems managers agree that offering more timely and relevant information about transactions, behaviors and customers is more than a priority. But from the IT side, there is also a focus on automating customer interactions, improving customer service and management, and expanding the use of social media for listening and interaction on the Internet. However, marketers would like IT to improve links and alignment between marketing, sales, and channel groups and deploy better marketing execution platforms and operating systems.

Insufficient investment (mentioned by 59% of marketing professionals) and a lack of understanding of the opportunity by senior management (mentioned by 46% of IT executives) are the main limitations for those who are not ready to take advantage of the opportunities. The study shows that there is a notable lack of connection between IT and marketing managers about who they believe leads the digital strategy in their company. More than half (58%) of IT executives say that they defend, lead or design their company’s digital agenda, while less than one fifth (19%) of marketers say digital IT goals. their companies are designed by IT managers. Instead,

Deadlines, resources and support are other limitations for a relationship between IT and marketing that is more collaborative, fluid and profitable, since both marketing and IT managers admit that they follow different calendars, priorities and routes towards implementation. Moreover, 64% of marketing professionals say that implementing new solutions has been a challenge; 46% of marketing professionals say that IT managers do not consider marketing a priority; and 44% of marketing professionals say that their budgets are not enough to execute their plans. On the technology side, 30% of IT executives say they lack the time and technical resources to help marketing; 39% say that marketing ignores them and works directly with the provider.

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