Is it true that too much smoke is sold in Social Media Marketing?

Listening to phrases or expressions such as “Community Managers selling smoke”, “Smoke from social media” or “Much smoke and little nuts”, has already become commonplace in social media forums, where they confront, discuss and exchanges positions and opinions the defenders and detractors of this new phenomenon of marketing in social networks.

Professionals of the new media and orthodox veterans of traditional strategy, continue beating in a continuous duel where some speak of progress, innovation and new habits, while others persist in their crusade to dismantle what they call a fashion or bubble that is at its highest boiling point. Opinions and disparate points of view that confront the new professionals with those of the old school, and that undoubtedly serves only to continue generating more doubts among those companies that feel lost, disoriented and hesitant to make the big leap to the networks social.

Answering the question we pose can be somewhat complex, but not for lack of an answer and argument that everyone can understand. But let’s get to the point … Is it true that too much smoke is sold in Social Media Marketing?

The clearest and most resounding answer could not be other, YES and in capital letters. There are smoke sellers, pseudo-gurus, label experts and real geniuses of special effects capable of creating an environment charged with small particles in the air as a result of the incomplete combustion of a fuel. That is, a lot of smoke and in its own proportions to that of the fire of the burning colossus .

But wait … does this imply that social media are not really important as an integrated part of the strategies of companies and brands ?. Yes, they are and a lot!

To begin to know and understand this phenomenon we must be realistic. We have to leave aside the opinion of those who can not be objective, pretending to sell us social media and social networks as a panacea or remedy for all the problems of companies and brands. And this is really true. Going crazy over social networks will not serve to ensure we reach our goals if we neglect many other aspects of our business.However, it is also true that they can become a useful and powerful tool if they are used intelligently and appropriately as an integrated part of a global strategy where, of course, other channels and means are equally or more effective.

We can not ignore reality. We are witnessing innumerable reputational crises that take on great dimensions and repercussion when the comments and the most critical opinions of consumers spread like foam in the media and social networks. Nor can we ignore the conversations where our brand is present, and that can help us understand what is the perception of our company or services among consumers. And finally, we can not miss the opportunity to use a medium where we can get the consumers themselves to approach the brands when they feel satisfied or identified with them. Here is the great challenge!

Having understood this, we can transfer our debate to the efficiency of the strategy itself and the error of comparing it with that of other media. Let’s be honest, television advertising despite the opinion of many others, continues to work when the experience recreated to convey the message keeps behind it, a creative, novel and ingenious idea capable of capturing the viewer and generating an impact capable of lasting in your mind. The problem is that this is something that few get or are able to achieve, but … do all the companies that are, succeed in social networks? Is this a reason to question or question one or the other medium? As is logical, to achieve success in social media, as in the rest of the media can not be achieved without good work, creativity and great ideas.

The problem of the widespread belief and the opinion of many about the fact that the social media is surrounded by a cloud of smoke, is undoubtedly the word of the false messiahs who join the party. But where are the real professionals? Can everyone demonstrate their theories or speak under their own experience? Is it all the result of a formula based on the theory that they never put to the test? Who are the pioneers and who are imitators? What are the brands that are achieving their objectives? How to follow his example? What are the agencies doing to face all these new challenges and changes? Worth?

Oscar del Santo , recently referred to the controversy with an interesting reflection and related article in which he refers to the new professionals of the 2.0 era, pointing out that in countries like Spain and although it may seem a lie, “there are no gurus. , as you hear it: they do not appear anywhere, in America, all you want, here, missing in combat, because we do not have, poor of us, we have almost no experts, no specialists, no pioneers, nothing at all ” “Smoke sellers? There are no doubt and we must unmask them.”

But of course, here in Europe, as always waiting for the trends set by the Anglo-Saxon elites, we seem to be the last to notice and our companies continue to be in the second row due to lack of initiative or excessive fear to innovate, to evolve or to face new changes before a new social phenomenon and for many still unknown.

Definitely yes, too much smoke is sold in the Social media, but we all are and must continue learning. When we get familiar with the environment, its mechanisms and really know the real benefits that can bring us, we will not need to listen to those who want to sell us milongas because many others have managed to show that yes, that social networks can be a powerful ally for our Business.

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