Inbound marketing is best that you find

The inbound marketing is not a new concept, though perhaps other little known in our market. The term was coined by the company HubSpot, specializing in internet marketing, and has become a generic term in markets that could translate as marketing tickets.

There is inbound marketing from existing users on the network. However, the 2.0 world has led undoubtedly this trend that allows us to be where our potential customers are looking for information, solutions, etc., and therefore to us.

Far from interrupting our target through traditional outbound tools, such as receiving a call from a telemarketing center when you are about to enter the cinema, the inbound is that marketing that manages to be found by users, allowing them to arrive to us, to our product, ultimately, to our website when they wish.

Inbound marketing is best that you findThe rise of inbound marketing is mainly due to two reasons. On the one hand, the increasingly scarce effectiveness of outbound marketing, nobody likes to be disturbed during their daily lives to convince you make a purchase; and secondly the widespread introduction and penetration of interactive media inevitably offer many possibilities for users to find us searching for information or relate in social media.

Initially, get good inbound marketing results was to develop a good SEO strategy and positioning with the right words in Altavista and Yahoo. Later was enough position in Google. But the arrival and the rise of social media, it requires taking a step beyond getting a good search engine positioning. If now they have increasingly more weight in searches performed in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., because we have no one to get position ourselves there too, always considering who perform such a search, where it is made, and the characteristics of our profile on these social networks.

Ticket marketing is based on three actions: create, optimize, promote.

  1. Create content is the basis to attract users and that they find us. The content is also the basis for cause diffusion in social networks and thus gain relevance in the results.
  2. Optimize means adapting the content so that it is properly positioned. To do this all the texts will be made in reference to some keywords. For example, if you create a post on our blog, all words will be designed to position. Or if we create a tweet, we do not neglect to use fewer characters account in order to make a re-tweet when we fit all the text.
  3. Promote is to spread all this content in any social environment that allows us viralize later.

Of these 3 actions, probably the most difficult for most companies said third either. Yet it should be noted that the promotion will be relatively easy as long as we properly carried out the previous two steps (create and optimize content).

The way we relate to our potential customers has changed. Now users have many ways, the result of experience, to avoid being interrupted and it is for this reason that currently the marketing of tickets is a very good strategy for interactive advertising companies to give the user.

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